Yoga helps the Mental Equilibrium

You do not have the time or the inclination to sweat in the fitness machines or hop on the aerobics? Yet you would like to move? Then try yoga. It will help you to strengthen your character and get rid of stress.

What is Yoga?


Whoever thinks that yoga is only a slow exercise, they’re wrong. Yoga is a philosophical direction which is based on the Indian culture. “Its purpose is to ward off from his own ego and achieving complete liberation from suffering. Yoga means harmony, balance, concentration, unification. Where is the balance, everything is OK, whether it relates to health, relationships or anything else, “says Vera Checks from the Prague House of yoga.
Yoga exercises can strike a balance for the body and mind and creates a good mood.
The secrets of Yoga lies in particular in the stretching movements and individual as any(position) are often practiced from the movements of the animals. “Yoga is focused especially on our organic health, development of the muscles is just a nice side effect,” says fitness Checks.

Cultivating the mind

Classical yoga, also called Hatha Yoga is very beneficial for the body. And its effects not only on physical health, but also the emotional balance and mental development.

The sheer concentration and endurance in individual positions, meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques have as main task to distract us from all the surrounding sensations and cultivate our mind and focused attention,” explains Vera Checks.
Health effect is manifested in all areas, because of the action of Yoga is a holistic. Rather than focusing on just one issue, but slowly, because the whole body. Asanas can affect the muscles and joints, but also the internal organs that are in a specific setting “massaged with” using breath and practices makes strengthened.
Many people accessing the yoga as exercise to rehabilitation. Yes, the result is due to the total harmonisation of health improvement, if we are referring to the physical body. Many of the exercises of Yoga also physiotherapists with success are used, “explains Paul Hajek, from the Union of yoga.

Yoga helps to increase the resistance generally. Allegedly it can also delay the on set of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer of the colon. Increases the rate of metabolism and keeps the blood sugar level in the blood. It is also found that it helps to prevent osteoporosis.

The graceful moves and stamina

To yoga include a relaxed, comfortable elegance of the movements to perform exercises without pain and unpleasant tension, endurance in positions.

“How to fold some part of the body, the blood flow to it cannot. We shall persist in stamina for 10 to 20 seconds. The body then responds to the increased activities and the attempts to required authority of compressed blood back. After a moment the position of the release and a flurry of fresh blood literally spills the entire authority and improves it, washed, shock wave washes away dirt and debris.

Yoga can also harm

Even though Yoga helps in most cases, it can also become the opposite.
Especially if you exercise under unprofessional management. It can also harm athletes, when considering positions do not respect the borders of its own motion, it means that with exercise stops when the painful feelings.
But they are also people, yoga is not recommended even for other reasons. These are individuals with psychological or mental disorders, for which, according to Hájek may be even dangerous. For depression may help, but some of the techniques you need to research the individual keeping a very experienced trainer.
Into Yoga should not be venturing even women in the first trimester of pregnancy, and people who are acutely ill.
“Yoga is suitable for a person with fixed interests. If someone try cycling, skiing,aerobics, and then wants to try yoga, until she reaches a prepaid rate falls to ,there is no sense that he starts with yoga. It is a life long affair, if not longer, “recommends that the Paul H.