April 1, 2020

Windows 10 is perhaps the operating system Windows 8 dreamed to be…

Windows 10 is all that had to be Windows 8, at least that’s what Microsoft has given to understand during their two events and preview of the new operating system version of the company.
With the first pre-release of Windows 10, in October 2014, the company only showed us some of the things that have prepared and in the next version of proof that there will be the week of January 25, the company promises to integrate even more of the new features of Windows 10. However, these previous versions always have errors,and you should not install them on your main computer.


This new version of Windows seeks to correct many of the criticisms and nightmares that arose due to the great change in Windows 8. Windows 10 is also a more profound attempt to unify the experience of computers and mobile devices, as well as the large ecosystem of Microsoft.

A new beginning
Depending on if you are using a mobile or hybrid device, or a traditional computer,once start Windows 10 come to the traditional desk we know of multiple versions of the Microsoft operating system or you will have this screen with the tiles (you have the possibility of requesting to always start in desktop mode).
The desktop screen has some changes, with a menu of more flexible home with an icon in the lower left corner which opens it. Home of Windows 10 menu has a field that search the computer for files and apps and also offers search results on Bing, the Microsoft search engine.

In the left column you will find the traditional menu that we knew, with apps and shortcuts to the configuration. At the top of the user name is displayed and photo,place where you can change user, log off or lock the computer. To the side is an icon to turn off, restart or or put to sleep the computer.

On the right tiles, are where you can add or anchor nearly any app and you can sort them by dragging these apps. You can change the start menu size when you place the mouse over the edge. In addition, Windows 10 allows you to anchor apps on the task bar only give them right click and select the option.

The old is new again
Windows 10 combines features we have already known for several generations, butthey are presented in a slightly different way and with more useful. You can have the start menu with your favorite apps or that you use most frequently and have tiled live showing you information continuously to keep you abreast of the State of the time,calendar, email, etc.
Unlike Windows 8, you can open a “Modern” app and they will now appear in the form of window. You can also place them in full screen. You can also minimize themand maximize them. Also now integrate a new button on the left side (“…”) offeringyou some of the options that you were in the access bar and others. This includessearch, share, play, settings, print and full screen.