Use Your Mobile As Webcam With DroidCam Android

Reveal Your Gadget To An Extra-Ordinary Device !
If your PC is not integrated camera and microphone, replaced these peripherals with your mobile phone with the help of a WiFi connection or via USB. Sure that you had the need to use programs like Skype to talk with people who were far more than once, but you didn’t hand a web camera or a microphone. It is also possible that you’ve wanted to record a family event at home and you could not count at that time with a video camera. Thus ended this type of frustration, because a simple app like DroidCam, which you can download from Google Play, will help you to solve these small inconveniences and will make things easier for you. Using Wi-Fi or USB if you prefer, it will connect your Android mobile with your PC and save the use of webcams, microphones and video cameras.

In this article, we will you show how to install it on the PC, both the mobile terminal to use with Skype and record video\audio on the hard drive of your computer.


Download DroidCam
To begin, let’s get with the program. In this case, the software has two versions: one in the form of application for our Android and another program to use for the PC. Those who you may be familiar with downloading apps for mobile devices you know should go to Play Store, make the search for the application, download it and install it. You will find two versions, one payment and one free. Both work perfectly, with the difference that the payment offers some advantages, such as the capture format or a higher quality video and audio. In any case, for times of trouble, the free is more than enough. To download the program to your PC, it landed to the page of the creator, in this case, www.dev47apps.coml. Choose the operating system, Windows, or Linux 2, then click on DroidCam v3.6. Once downloaded and unzipped, we’ll double click on the installation file, and when asked if you want to install the audio files, we will accept. Thus, we finished with the installation.

Your configuration
To configure the program and make it work, we need first of all open the application in your mobile phone. If everything is correct, it will show us a home screen. Then, we spend to start DroidCam on the computer. Although the program is in English, the configuration is very simple. Click on the option Connect to Phone (WiFi\LAN) and we will see, despite the fact that the port is default, calling us the IP address of the phone. Now is when we must go to the terminal and copy the IP provided by the application. Once done, if we click on Connect, the basic configuration is complete. DroidCam provides us with, in addition, other possibilities. Input, offers the opportunity to make that connection between the two teams is through USB or even create server Bluetooth or WiFi from your PC. At the same time, we will make that mobile phone not send audio or video signal or to send both at the same time. If we click on the three dots and select camera Show output, will view the image that you are taking the mobile camera. Click on Stop, the Android terminal immediately start the camera.

Integrate it into Skype
Once we have configured and implemented DroidCam, comes to implement the application. In this case, we use Skype to explain how to use our Android mobile as webcam. To do this, and before the start, a Council: if not a Skype user and you want to download it, watch out for pages offering download. Go to the official website ( If you do not want to find unpleasant surprises. When you have made you with the application and have it operational on your PC, click on tools in the top menu, and select options. In the sidebar of options, click on sound settings. Within audio input, you can choose our DroidCam Audio with Realtek HD sound card. Obviously, we select DroidCam. As the audio output, we can keep the PC speakers or the phone to listen to our interlocutor, according to our preferences. For the video configuration, Skype will adopt DroidCam as default camera provided we do not have any other software for web-cam installed. We only need connect the phone and PC as we’ve seen before, and start a conversation.

Recording videos with VLC
As any web camera, your mobile phone can be used to record home videos. However, DroidCam gives us a significant advantage over static webcams and microphones wired. And it is that you can record images and audio on the PC in our WiFi range, giving us a very interesting mobility. That Yes, it should be noted that our connection speed limits, at the same time, recording quality, so this option, if you want a high quality video, is restricted.
To explain the way in which this feature of DroidCam works, we’re going to make use of the video player VLC, which is free. Once installed and opened, we are going to the top menu, click on media and select open dump network. In the new window, click on the capture device. Configuration is simple, because we only select both video device name and device name of audio options that enable DroidCam. If we click on advanced options, will be shown in a new window where you can change the capture format (4:3, 16:9…) c or the number of frames per second of video. Just activate DroidCam on the PC and mobile and click on play and begin recording.

Alternatives to DroidCam
One of the main virtues of Android handsets is the large number of applications that can be found to perform same function. The treated area is no exception. DroidCam we chose simplicity with which it is configured and the ease of use, that lay it within the reach of anyone. However, the more adventurous can try other alternatives and see what meets best your expectations. One of the most used is IP Webcam. It’s an app that offers the same services as DroidCam. It is also free, but the difficulty of configuration is slightly greater, since you don’t have software for the PC and is used by the web browser. EpocCam is another interesting alternative. It has two versions. With the free, we can record and communicate as in the two previous options, but that show annoying watermark on the video, and the payment, costing 5 euros. Some users complain of the difficulty to connect it via USB as well as incompatibilities with their terminals.


Rating: 8
Features: DroidCam allows us to integrate our Android mobile with the PC, providing us with the opportunity to interact in conversation via Skype network programs. At the same time, in addition to saving us the purchase of webcam and microphone, it gives the opportunity to record videos directly onto our hard drives.
The best: The possibility to choose a complex password that we won’t have to type every time we want to enter the system, so that we get to improve your security.
The worst: The mobile terminal battery consumption is very high and sometimes tends to “hang”. It depends on user’s WiFi connection.
Price: free.