Touch Mouse : A New Gadget By Microsoft

Microsoft Touch Mouse

Trying to perfect the computer mouse, many manufacturers are finally trying to reinvent the wheel — innovative models often look bright and unusual, but they are in fact, but with Microsoft Touch Mouse all just do the opposite in appearance it is not distinguishable from a normal mouse, however developers managed to implement functionality really interesting.


Image of a computer mouse was already quite long — back in the late 90 ‘s, since manufacturers of computer peripherals rarely strayed from the concept of “classic” of mice and all the differences of one arm from another were in number of extra function keys or a slightly modified shape. But attempts to significantly revise both the appearance and the functionality of a normal mouse, made by different manufacturers more than once. For example, many remember the series Arc all known company Microsoft made available a couple of years ago. However, despite the peculiar form, functionality that was totally normal manipulators. Today we will talk about the Microsoft Touch Mouse, which in concept is reversed the Arc is quite classical in form, devoid of any mouse buttons, and its surface is the touch pad.

Actually there is one button — this is all part of rodent and left it for you. Hatching xs is also a front portion, indicating the border of the touch area.

The features of the new gadget Touch Mouse is as follows :-

Dimensions 120 x 62 x 37
Type of connection Wireless USB adapter
Sensor Blue Track Sensor
Sensor resolution dpi 1000
Scrolling Vertical and horizontal
Additional functions Support For Multi touch

Complete with mouse comes with two batteries of type “AAA”, which should be enough for three months of use, USB extension cable, used to connect the mouse receiver wireless, as well as two retainer clips that secure the end of the cable on the table.Symmetry of the device makes it equally suitable for left and right-handers. To form the mouse remotely resembles the Apple Magic Mouse, though with no particular delights, but, without a doubt, more comfortable and sophisticated. Symmetry is not broken and in the lower pane, with the exception of the notch under the wireless receiver in the back.Sensor Touch Mouse Blue-Track technology works, the advantage of which is to use LEDs and wide-angle lenses. The arm feels almost any surface, from the polished table tops to carpeting. Read more about this technology we were told earlier. For full use of the device you will need to install the software from the manufacturer’s website. The software included with a mouse is not available, that can be a nuisance in the event of lack of access to the network. Without installing drivers mouse will perform only the most basic function, the left click, right click and scroll through pages.

After you install the necessary software, you will be prompted to view interactive movie that tells about all the chips and help them to master. First, you must select the use case is for left-handed or right-handed, you can then see what makes each of them, and in their implementation.Number of supported gestures significantly more than its closest “relative” by multi touch Apple Magic Mouse. Let’s check how convenient to use them. First of all, I would like to note the high sensitivity of the scroll: to obtain a more or less acceptable accuracy, sensitivity should be set almost at the minimum. In addition, there are cases of false positives the control gestures with fast scroll through the pages. As for left and right click is the same mechanical pressing, on the functions performed by successive pressing of the left and right click, such as, for example, the action “forward” and “back” in Opera, you have to abandon, but this gap is filled touch gestures “go back” and “forward”. In General, use gestures greatly simplifies the work of, for example, the gesture of “show all Windows will save you from having to reach for the keyboard to switch between Windows. But the gesture requires a certain precision and skill, which is not always convenient.

We test paddle on one of the main parameters affecting the accuracy of the pointer, the frequency of the survey. Testing the polling frequency and maximum speed of the mouse with the Mouse Enotus Checker utility.

Test results:

Polling frequency (Hz): 127

Maximum travel speed (m/s): 5.26

If maximum speed is quite decent level, the frequency of the mouse is not as great as I would like, only 127 Hz. Of course, most users do not suffer from this inconvenience, however, gamer’s this low velocity of the pad could just not like. You can say exactly what the new Microsoft mouse is really a step up from classical performance towards perfection. Of course, like many novelties, Touch Mouse is a not-so-familiar tool and requires a long process of habituation, but has a number of exclusive features. The cost of this new gadget is about $ 80, but it is not the name of the over payment, and quite reasonable price manipulator who apart from his fellows.