April 1, 2020

Top 10 Amazing Places On Earth ..Unbelievable!!!

Here I am discussing about some amazing place on earth which may shocked you.
10) Ancona (United States-Minnesota)-Halloween in a small town at the top of the United States Midwest is not just a holiday. Christmas and Easter in addition to this is the biggest national holiday. This town is especially known under the name of “Halloween world capital” from local residents. And this name have been told since the 1920’s has been. Here is where the first Halloween Parade in the United States actually made. Here Halloween night is Halloween 1 week in reality, parade, of course parties and costume contests, wine tasting, Orange Bowl, baking and even “Gray Ghost 5 K Marathon” also is a celebration held to mark.

9) Galicia (Spain)-in Spain Halloween is over for 3 days is a celebration! and than in the Northwest Galicia region, this festival celebrates the great in I’m sure other will not. This fun begins October 31, “pumpkin night”, 11/1 (All Saints Day) the 11/2 ends on the day of the dead. And there is plenty of parties, such as very strong alcoholic drink made in a clay pot on the street festivals, ancient rituals, Galician Kamada fire during that time.

7 boat House (Salem symbol) and Jared Moon, Charney provided.

8) Salem (Massachusetts, United States)-was put on trial, the death penalty and in (chances are no unlimited usage) is the 26 people accused and witch in the early colonial period in America. Not today that the town of Salem who they took in October to celebrate, but it is only during Halloween. Fireworks, parades, witch trials in the festivals here (and execution) of is a re-enactment to adulthood and the Moon, and Ghost Tours “circle of witches”, etc.. If you dare you to visit this Halloween.

7) tombstone (United States-Arizona)-just think about it. This town is named tombstone (tombstone)! you can expect, it’s just in you surely this Halloween Special with an uncanny is a street! there is a site at the cemetery are buried the bad guys who came last and at the hands of Wyatt Earp and his brothers and Doc Holliday at the OK Corral, both historically and became a shootout. City launches (when the gun battle occurred) that it holds its Helldorado day Festival in mid-October, and does not stop until the morning of the 11/1. During the event if in afford the time you Cochise County Courthouse, check out, and out there on the gallows. And? would you like to visit the graveyard Boot Hill was buried the bad guys and an old birdcage theatre also is still more ghosts living there, said.

6) Brasov (Transylvania, Romania)-Transylvanian mountains is beautiful, but its reputation is kinda creepy is a bad thing! Dracula is a fictional, made the creative mind of author Bram Stoker. But Vlad impales are all too real and, especially since he was a variety of creative means and very slowly and people tortured death had it. According to legend he stabbed thousands to death and then their carcasses to rot until it is left. Mysterious Blanc Palace is also where Dracula inspiration with his old palace, and it is said.

5) Savannah (Georgia, United States)-Savannah is a city still remains of the colonial era has been like. Its beautiful streets lined with old brick house and the elegant Park. And is the inhabitants, according to the local people in the Savannah surviving colonial-era since some of them are ghosts that haunt the city of cemeteries and eerie place. Savannah is horse-drawn carriage tours has a creepy side to celebrate a special event, an eerie place to visit (like supernatural and what not) and walking tours during the week of Halloween.

4) rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica-Rose Hall is from the shores of Montego Bay in old Georgian mansion. This was the home of a wealthy plantation owner and his young beautiful wife Annie Palmer. But apparently the beauty of her appearance only in her witchcraft and Voodoo, and my slave’s torture and murder had done and said. You can observe this, Rose Hall, now. But don’t be alarmed voices coming from the dungeons.

3) Edinburgh (Scotland, UK)-Halloween is rooted in the tradition of the ancient Celts in the Celtic tradition, especially with the Festival of Samhain. The Festival is now also Scotland’s time (Ireland) has been celebrated even today in many places. And will be great places to celebrate Halloween, seen by the majestic castle in this magnificent Victorian / Gothic-style city Edinburgh. And will not disappoint, coming down from the hills on the city full of legends bagpipe music is further in this city many eerie legend and unsolved mysteries, and the ancient Arch of numerous ghost sightings that filled with and the fact.

2) Stanley hotel (United States, Colorado, Estes Park)-includes the identity is known and this hotel has a ghost of America’s “ghost Central”, that is, built the hotel in F & O, Stanley and his wife flora. He made the Stanley steamer automobile in the early 1900’s. Is said to have a few people who have been around forever in the concert hall “patron of the arts”. Elizabeth Wilson injured in gas leak in 1911, a staff member to take care of your order is still in near ‘ hanging out. “At least has said. I say so guests saw moving things in the rooms, electrical, you disappear. There are number of visitors that you have heard the sound of children actually everyone should have at no time in the corridor late at night running.

1) London (United Kingdom)-there is one single city on this planet probably the most sophisticated is the planet’s most haunted cities! Living dead London Dungeon percentage is greater than anywhere else is the location and legendary locations as well as more blame others, more ghosts (including crop Jack), dead for centuries consisting of old buildings, and much more dark and seedy Alley is. And here come more fog, in ship’s fog horn (but not visible) will not hear worse. To give a London citizen is pretty good Halloween party know well. Also, a colourful parade and shoulder is tapped fest, and occasionally someone even though we didn’t experience a very spooky tour.