The Dutch police makes extensive use of the stealth sms: a means by which your phone can be
used as a level beacon, without legal rules, guarantees and judicial review.

The stealth sms is a invisible for the user of a mobile phone text message. This message is
sent by the police to a mobile phone. The phone makes in response, contact a network base
station. By this information obtained from a telecommunications provider, such as KPN, Vodafone
or T-Mobile, the police can determine where a suspect is about.


Location Determination

A single message gives a grove location, but when there are a large number of such messages is
sent and your mobile is used as level beacon, then there may be a huge infringement on your
privacy be created.

Breach of privacy

There is, after all, where you continuously about is and how you live and exercise pattern is.
At such an infringement on your privacy should establish clear legal rules for the use of this
resource. And that are missing at present. There are internal rules, these are in the cell phone
concept 2008.

GSM-concept 2008

This mobile phone concept by us in 2008 is a Wob-request made public. It is not a concept but
an official directive. Revealing of this did not happen with our Wob-request to the stealth sms;
in it, the document is called, but not made public. This happened oddly enough through a
Wob-request about the IMSI-catcher. A glitch?

Than a happy mistake, because now we have the rules for the stealth sms can analyze. In doing so,
we got the help of a person who gave to us the whole, uncensored, concept. About this concept
we’re going to still have expanded, but it comes on the next down.

Excessively broad rules

The rules that the police has imposed itself are very very spacious. Too broad, according to
court. For example: the police have of themselves only if the stealth sms as evidence is used
to indicate that the stealth sms is deployed. In all other cases not. This shows that the police
are also not to this own rules. In a number of court cases shows that only after good research
by lawyers using these text messages above table came. The judges were here, quite rightly,
not about to speak.


The police are doing so we very very secretive about the deployment of the stealth sms. The police
is now the discussion on the need and desirability of this drug out of the way by to operate under
the radar. In violation of the law and their own rules.


We find this unacceptable. Transforming a cell phone in a level beacon is a major breach on your
fundamental rights. You are continuously secretly to follow through your own phone. That is why
Parliament must itself on the desirability of this means exhausts. Then there should be before
and after the possible use of this means judicial control as possible. Finally, there should be
more clarity on the large-scale use of this resource.

As long as these three essential requirements is not met, Bits of Freedom calls on the deployment
of the stealth sms to cease immediately.