Sony Makes The User Lives In PlayStation 4

Sony Announces selling more than 6 million units of the PlayStation 4 !!

Sony announced the sale of more than 6 million units of platform video games for PlayStation 4 since the launch of the device, until March of this year, according to Reuters. Sony is preparing to launch new video game platform PlayStation 4 in Arabic after its launch two weeks ago for the United States and Canada.


The PlayStation 4 will be launched through a special event in the UAE:

And will announce the launch of the new platform of the UAE during a press conference held late Thursday in the Palm Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. And is scheduled to launch a new platform in Europe and Latin America on the day following its launch in the Middle East and North Africa. The Sony announced its new competition for the Xbox platform from Microsoft, last February without disclosing them to the public. Andrew House, Executive Chairman of the Department of games and entertainment at Sony that PlayStation 4 gaming platform is the most powerful platform at all, are equipped with sophisticated equipment, comparable to that of the high-performance personal computers.

It has been supplying the new gaming machine x 86 processor with eight cores in addition to dedicated graphics processing chip with 8 GB of cache and 170 GB of storage capacity. All this will make the platform games PlayStation 4 integrated entertainment centre will provide a rich experience of video games, media, and 3D technology. The new platform will allow the stored media transmission wireless on various Sony smart of smart phones and tablets. A highlight came with the new gaming platform from the controller name Dualshock4 which is much like your kinect sensor “from Microsoft which allows control Xbox pad through the movements of the hands.

As expected, the platform games PlayStation 4 will broadcast games over the Internet based technologies company Gaikai, which Sony acquired mid-2012, a company specialized in providing gaming services via the cloud. The new platform will be available in Arabic at the price of $ 400, less than $ 100 of the price of the Xbox platform from Microsoft.

PlayStation 4 embarrass Microsoft beats the Xbox

Those figures were far superior to the goal set by Sony in September to sell 5 million units of the device since its inception last November and until the end of March, which embarrassed the Microsoft rival the Xbox competition for PlayStation 4, especially with PlayStation 4 for list of best-selling games in the United States, is superior to Microsoft. Sales of the Sony PlayStation 4 have exceeded 370,000 units in Japan alone since the machine there on February 22, a market that counts the Sony lot in achieving tangible gains.Many offer users a platform PlayStation 4 complaints about breakdowns in their devices, through the support forum for the Sony PlayStation hardware manufacturer and Amazon.

Problems faced by users in the PlayStation 4

Users encountering problems with flashing blue light appears, the video does not appear, in addition to frequent crashes, what made them very upset. Sony said in a statement to the website IGN that the devices affected by less than 0.4 percent, indicating that these “isolated incidents”. And can overcome some problems PlayStation 4 by pressing the power button for a few seconds until the system stops, and you must make sure that the HDMI cable is installed in both side, then run the machine again, if the device shows white light, it is supposed to function normally. If a user encounters the same problems after performing these steps, you must contact Sony support for sector reform. It should be noted that the PlayStation 4 was put for sale in the US markets last Friday, after Sony was revealed at the E3 Conference, held last June.

New helmet from Sony in PlayStation games 4

Reuters News reported that the Japanese company Sony revealed during the annual game developers Conference in the US city of San Francisco, the trial version of virtual reality helmet which plans to launched a tool attached to the PlayStation 4 gaming device.

Sony will make an interesting helmet for users

He said Shohei Yoshida, President of Sony Studios, during the Conference, the helmet “recap our efforts for more than three years, and is the embodiment of our vision of the virtual reality in games.” It is expected to provide the new helmet, developed by Sony under the name “Morpheus project”, an exciting experience for users, where they they will grant them full immersion in games by displaying a virtual reality before my eyes moving depending on user gestures of the head. Sony said it will launch a virtual reality helmet to developers of games soon, but did not set a date for the release. It is worth mentioning that Sony launched in August 2011, the first device for 3D vision for watching movies, but the idea has not found acceptance among consumers because of the size of the machine designs.