April 1, 2020

Some Bizarre Rituals…!!

every nation, tribe, or religion have different practices. Some may be very similar between them, but others may be somewhat weird.

Anyone out there remember the family Dinosaurs? In one episode, called the day of the shooting, the Dino should throw her from the top of a cliff in a tar pit to the end, because she already had completed 72 years and the “pitch” to the death was part of the tradition. With the exception of shooting the person, with the Eskimos was going on something like that.

Although almost no longer exists, the ceremony consisted in placing the body of a deceased elder or even still alive to face his old age in a type of stretcher would be drifting icy waters for eternity.
The Eskimos believe in life after death and this practice was one way of ensuring that the elderly were not a burden to the family, sending them to the end of worthy and gracious manner, according to the traditions.

In the Yanomami tribe, the Amazon forest (between Brazil and Venezuela), take a little soup shortly after the death of a member can come with a “temperinho” special.
This Indian tribe is known for its tradition of endocanibalismo. When a person dies, the ritual is to wrap the body in sheets and allow the insects to attack the decomposing body.

After 30 to 45 days, the bones are collected, crushed, pulverized and mixed in a soup of banana to be consumed by all. But that still leaves a little Indian powder to be consumed after a year, when they consume again with a soup of banana leaves. According to tradition, the ritual helps ensure that the souls find their way to heaven.

Real bears are fierce and dangerous, but that’s no reason to kill them if they don’t attack. Well, that wasn’t a problem for the Ainu people, comprising some indigenous tribes living on islands of Japan and Russia (Hokaido, Kuril Islands and Sakhalin).
In these places, these people sacrificed on behalf of the bears devotion to religion and nature, believing that these animals were gods walking among human beings. That way, they thought the bear sacrifice blessing the soul of mankind.