Revitalize Your Old iPhone

The iPhone 2G / 3 G/3GS and iPod touch older don’t support the latest versions of iOS, but thanks to Whited00r firmware, we will give them a second chance.

Although Apple is their products of their brands that most apply programs for the obsolescence when faced by the sixth generation of the iPod touch fifth iPhone, is easy to understand that the older models do not support the latest versions of the operating system iOS.


To make us an idea of the problem, on an iPhone 3 G, we can load maximum an iOS 4.2.1, while for the 3GS, his life ends in the limited version of the iOS 6.0.1. If we are the lucky ones we still own an iPhone 2 G, the first generation that didn’t reach Spain officially, the limit is on iOS 3.1.3. In the case of the iPod touch, the same thing happens, where models like the 2nd and 3rd generation not supported officially a top to the iOS 3.1.1 version.

In these cases and official way, we will have to be satisfied with our old device and give for lost functions of the latest versions, like multitasking, tethering, video capture, the grouping of apps by folders, etc. In addition, the performance of these models will be much lower than where it originally enjoyed, because of successive updates to iOS, Yes endured have squeezed a hardware that’s itself was not particularly potent.
Luckily, there are alternatives beyond the official channel, as for example, use the free firmware Whitedoor, a version of iOS based on the 3.1.3, but optimized for best performance of older devices and, perhaps, that series incorporates many of the features of the latest iOS so we can enjoy it in your iPhone/iPod.

It is relatively simple to install solution and best, which is quickly evolving from its first versions and is now in the 6.0. Thanks to Whitedoor, we can give a second life to an iPhone have at home or buy second-hand at good price. Then you have all the steps to install this firmware on an iPhone, put into operation and adjust the main settings.

Material required
In our case, we have left from an iPhone 3Gcon 16 Gbytes bought in 2008. A terminal with iOS 4.2.1 installed and which had applied a release of operator. From here, the first thing passes by installing the latest version of iTunes in the Apple page, and then go to the page of Whitedoor. If we click on our device, different options will appear for download Whitedoor firmware. In our case, as we have gone to the section iPhone 3 G, we can basically choose between the Unlocked Normaly. We will unload the first if we have a phone that has been released by the operator after the period of stay, if it is locked and we use it normally with the operator to which it was intended, or if the iPhone is free factory (very rare in the 3 G/3GS). We opt for the Unlock in which the case that we have an iPhone has been unlocked through many media provided unofficially.

Make a mistake here is not serious, since we will simply see that does not work properly, but we will save much time if we don’t have to start over. That Yes, in the event that we have to load the Unlocked version, is important to emphasize that Push notices are not active by default and it will be necessary to use an additional patch. For download, we can choose to do it via Torrent (with a utility like uTorrent), or via download direct to SourceForge.

Restore iPhone
Once we have downloaded firmware, and retrieved ZIP file and leave the file in a directory that you have controlled. Act followed, we pluck iTunes and connect the iPhone, canceling any synchronization process that is started. At this point, it is important to know that the process that we will carry out will erase the mobile completely and, then, we can not restore a previous backup. Therefore, it is important to save directly on the PC the photos, videos or other information we have on the iPhone which has not been overturned or synchronized previously.

Done, press key Shift + the iPhone iTunes restore button. What will happen next is that it will ask that you specify the firmware file that you want to use, for that will indicate the extension .ipswque file we previously unzipped. After clicking Open, will begin the restoration of the iPhone. If anything fails, the handset will show a black screen with the logo of Apple, after five minutes, returns to start normally. At this point, we will indicate to iTunesque


Personalized settings

From here, we recommend some essential settings. If we go to Settings/General/network/cellular data network, we can introduce the data of the APN of our operator that allows us to use the iPhone with mobile data connection. It is important to fill in the first paragraph, mobile data, and the bottom, Internet Tethering, if we need to share the Internet connection with laptop or Tablet via USB or Bluetooth. From here, we can indicate the correct time/date, adjust the behavior of the keyboard, screen, sound, locks as in any iPhone. Also we can register mail/calendar accounts from settings/Mail, contacts, calendars as usual. However, if we use an account of type Exchange sync contacts (for example, if you synchronize calendar with our Gmail account contacts), will need to perform some advanced settings which we explain below.

Optimization in detail
A capacity that which is very interesting which has Whitedoor that allows us to adjust in a more detailed way many internal functions that has included iOS. Thus we can deactivate different functions or services not used to speed up the operation of the terminal, or enable others, by default, coming off and that we really are not going to need. To do this, we will go up to the second screen of icons and click on the Terminal app. This will launch a shell where we will only have to enter setupy press ENTER. Then will begin a program mode where you can choose different options, some of them advanced and text that should be used with care. If you press a, indicate the option to Speed up the device, which will allow us to select which services.

If we have an iPhone
Unofficially and want to activate the Push function can press CTO select the option Enable Push Notification. This will allow us to select the installation of PushFixer, a complement that for only a dollar will Push function in these iPhone.

Installation of apps
A tricky topic with Whitedoor is the installation of apps. The reason is that, although we have access to the App Storage on the icon App Market, most of the apps that we find in the official store will require usually a version of the operating system iOS 4.0 or higher. Since Whitedoor is based on the 3.1.3, not will allow us to install almost none, or at least almost none of the known and popular.

To resolve, Whitedoor allows us to access a repository of apps called Time Machine. To do this, after open App Market, simply we drag to the left finger and we will see how we can choose from Apple’s App Store, the aforementioned Time Machine, and the name used with the iPhone with Jailbreak Cydiatan. As well, in repository Time Machine, we find older versions of most popular and perfectly compatible with Whited00r apps, all of them are free. The installation process is very similar to the Apple apps store, although the times of waiting, search and downloads are higher, so we will have to have patience.


Change the battery
In addition to working the part software, if we want to give a second life to an old iPhone, one almost essential tasks is to replace your battery. These mobile, with between three and five years behind them, tend to have the batteries at the end of its useful life. And, although it is domestic, its replacement is not too complex or expensive.