Remove HD+V2.1 Trojan Virus With Safe Steps

What is a Trojan ?
Computer Trojans or Trojan horses is a kind of virus that is characterized by cheating users masquerading programs or legitimate and benign files (photos, music files, files of mail, etc.), in order to infect and cause damage. The main objective of a computer Trojan is to create a backdoor that access remote management of the attacker not authorized, in order to steal personal and confidential information.

The term of Trojan comes from the history of the “Trojan horse” mentioned in the book “The Odyssey” by “Homer” and is used to deceive, surprise and cause damage. The Trojans are designed to enable an attacker to access a system remotely and perform different actions “without asking permission”. The actions that the attacker can perform depend on the privileges of the user who is being attacked and the characteristics of the Trojan.
In the same way that the mythological Trojan horse appeared to be a gift but contained Greek soldiers who dominated the city of Troy, the Trojan horses of today are computer programs that appear to be useful software but threatening the safety and cause much damage. A recent Trojan appeared as a message of an email that includes attachments that appeared to be Microsoft security updates, but that turned out to be viruses that attempted to disable antivirus software and firewall.


HD+V2.1 is a trojan virus which enables you a better experience in viewing videos in Youtube and in other websites. It is an adware program which displays pop-up-ads and advertisments on the website you visit. HD+V2.1 is an adware program that is bundled with other free programs that you download from Internet. It may get installed without your permission with the program. So Always Opt For Only Custom Installation as if you can avoid the programs that are not familiar to you.

Trojan computer program that appears to be useful but that actually causes harm.

Trojan horses spread when lures users to open a program because they believe that it comes from a legitimate source. To better protect users, Microsoft often send security bulletins by e-mail, but they never contain attachments. We also publish all our security alerts on our security Web site before sending them by email to our customers. The Trojans are made up of two files: a client that is sending the orders and a server that receives the client orders, runs them and returns results.

A Trojan can be running on a computer for months unless the user perceives nothing. This makes it difficult detection and elimination of manually. Some patterns to identify them are: an unknown program is running when you start the computer, you create or delete files automatically, the computer is running slower than normal, errors in the operating system.

Examples of Trojans

-Back Orifice 2000
-DeepThroat v2
-Dolly Trojan
-nCommand v1.0

Trojans can also be included in software that you download for free. Never download software from a source that you trust not. Always download the updates and patches from Microsoft to Microsoft Windows Update or Microsoft Office Update sites.

You Just Follow The Steps To Remove Such Viruses :

Step 1 : Open Windows Task Manager
Step 2 : Click The “PROCESSES” Button
Step 3 : Find Out The Virus File (Virus Name in the “Description” makes you to find it easy)
Step 4 : Click the file
Step 5 : Right click the file
Step 6 : Click “End Process”
Step 7 : Open Control panel
Step 8 : Uninstall the virus program
Step 9 : Reset the settings of Your Browser
Step 10 : Restart your Computer and Enjoy!!!