April 1, 2020

Tips to Increase mileage From your Vehicle

One of important problem now people facing is related to fuel(petrol or diesel).The fuel price is increasing in one side and on the other side decreasing of vehicle’s mileage is another.Here I will let you know some tips which will help you to maintain your vehicles mileage quite normal.If you obey this tips you can able to maintain increase the mileage up to 20%.The tips are given below.

If your bike gives you maximum mileage means that your bike well visited you hold and your engine is in good condition. So is my 1st tip to keep your bike and service at the right time.

Once in a week if used frequently, check the air pressure of the bicycle. The optimum air pressure not less air to make (because it increases friction) and no more air, more air will not increase mileage, only bike mileage will decrease. So check about the air pressure.Biking in an optimal speed (38 ~ 55 Km\hr). Riding above or below this speed will consume more fuel.

Proceed with caution, accelerate and brake uniformly.and to sudden braking should be avoided!Start your bike use even start and wait at least 15 seconds to warm up to start the flow of fuel and motorcycle engine.
Use the clutch when experienced in shifting gears only. To prevent slippage of the clutch! Then use the clutch gently.
Always try to go in top gears, Reduce not the course according to the speed. Using curves drive tries to no reduction gearbox.