Paper jewellery: Beautiful and Ecological

About Paper jewellery
Paper jewellery is the one of the most beautiful and complicated things which is seen in modern life. So inspired by this little gift, I started experimenting with the role and to do things for me. I did many things, but one that I most liked was when I found instructions for making paper rings. And recalling the old anecdote, I decided to investigate more about paper accessories, something that surprised me, because I found paper jewelry so incredible that they have nothing to envy to the jewels of other materials.

Types of paper jewelry


Hanging paper

The structure of itself is an art, so any part that we buy or do is going to be unique and unrepeatable. We will find all forms and possible colors, some more complex that others, but all too cute, as this one which is perfect if you want a charged option that is the protagonist of her outfits, so here I leave the link to do so. There are also other alternatives a little more sophisticated and minimalist. In particular, this type of trend I prefer, because it is a very youthful and structured detail. I’m even going to encourage to do one inspired by this to supplement my sets.

Outstanding paper

Another alternative they have is the paper earrings. I have seen many young and independent designers that make this type of jewelry and on the internet I’ve seen brands that have more complex lines. These have a folded shape and are perfect to combine with a casual outfit or dress, but in general, are going to find many models for different times. And also larger as these earrings in the form of ring, super youth and models that can be used. As well as this one, are going to find elongated, supplemented with other materials or only paper models.

Paper rings

And we arrived at the paper rings. Which I did long ago was made only of paper, but the great designers generally complement it with bases made in other material, which is also recycled, so they have greater durability. The ideas are super simple, but very creative. As you can see, it can be inserted or protrude from the ring structure; any of the two cases has its particular charm, so everything is a thing that seek more models who dare to use.

Paper wrist bands

As in previous cases, we find bracelets super elaborate, like this. The point is, as the role is so adaptable, almost anything you can do with it. This model seems great to complement any attire of minimalist celebration of a single color, which accessories are most important. And other much more sophisticated and simple. I would encourage me to combine it with some tailor of dark tones in which the electric color paper can highlight. However, for people who are looking for something juvenile and minimalist, here I leave a link to make a lovely bracelet.

Paper clips

And other accessory that is becoming firmly snaps, are an ideal complement to give an extra touch to our tops. And the paper clip is an excellent choice to do so, such as this that I love, and which has the same style of pendant that we saw earlier. This also I really liked, because it reflects all of a cultural trend closely tied to its structure. Super artistic and carefully prepared to give life to our simple looks. For example, I would put it me with a white top, a pair of jeans and some ballerinas. As you can see, ideas ingenious to create accessories arrive in unexpected degrees. So if we want something really original, practical and to ourselves we can do, I totally recommend these gems of paper. In addition to contribute to recycle paper and follow an ecological trend.

Easy to make with recycled paper

Some time ago, we do not bring any craft to make some jewelry. And as we have found a simple way to design necklaces and bracelets of recycled paper with a good explanatory report, it has seemed a good idea share it to encourage you to try to put it into practice in your classes or at home. The video and the explanations are on this website. Although it is in English, the images speak for themselves. Everything happens for reuse the paper journals have already read, especially those leaves that may be more colorful for our jewelry due to its striking colour. Then we will make long strips with a triangle and enrolls them. For this craft, as well as the paper’s magazine, scissors, glue, yarn and a snap or closing are required. Optional mode, it can well be inter layer ‘pearls’ role, which are also explained in the video, with small pieces of jewelry of colors and shapes to taste. Good, nice and cheap! This activity can be perfectly carried out with wrapping paper or newsprint, and take advantage of the pieces already cut out and rolled to be able to paint.

Both the role of magazine and newspaper and gift paper belong to the Group of elements – containers for cardboard and paper – which can be recycled into the blue container. Before we put special attention to properly separate from other containers that van destined to other containers to ensure a good recycling.