Nokia 5530 XpressMusic – music sensor

Nokia 5530-perhaps the first music phone which has, for a long time, high-quality headphones. For the Nokia Xpress Music specially developed a new type of headset. In fact, the same Nokia 5530 5800 with slightly degraded: smaller display, less memory, worse than the delivery. Respectively, and cost less. Therefore, for many it would be a great price decision for good touchscreen music phone.

Interesting is the fact that the 5530 is one of the cheapest smartphones on S60 that will appeal to a certain part of an interested audience.


Scope of delivery:

  • Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
  • Battery BL-4U 1000 mAh Li-ion
  • Charger AC-8
  • USB data cable CA-101
  • Wired stereo headset WH-205
  • MicroSD memory card to 4 Gb MU-41
  • Mini DVD


Design, dimensions, controls

Once again, the device is made of plastic, metal gauges collected two speakers on the front surface. Sound travels differently than the Nokia 5800, someone finds that the dynamics of the worse someone finds them more pleasant. In my subjective taste, they are neither better nor worse, just the same.

Phone-size 104 x 49 x 13 mm (5800-111 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm), weight: 107 grams (109 grams in the 5800). Model smaller, nicer in the hand. Managed to achieve only the reduced diagonal screen size.

Other changes include refraining from mechanical keys menu, all of the buttons on the front of the sensor. This can please or not, but obviously convenient, because there is no difference in the screen or pressing the keys. Private key to run multimedia applications with the labels line is located above the screen. On the right side of the scarf is the volume button, the screen lock slider, it has not undergone any major changes and can apparently seizing, just like on the Nokia N97, Nokia 5800, but you must verify this in practice, with long-term use, than I do at the moment. On the left side is made of hinged lid that hides the memory card slot and a slot for a SIM card. Located on the top edge-on/off button on the lower-Jack 3.5 mm headset jack, 2 mm connector for the charger and micro USB connector, it is hidden behind a sliding cover from the chassis. The stylus is located right there.

In my opinion, the build quality is not worse than the Nokia 5800, but escaped with a screw that is potentially shell shall not depart in the upper-right corner. Low-cost, plastic back cover glossy and chrome edging around the screen gives the device a certain charm. By cons is that the rear panel is not too hard, there is a certain backlash, it’s annoying. Put on the Panel is necessary cautiously as to lead to end. When assembled the backlash is, it is not too large, but still present. There are five color solutions, they can be divided into two groups: the basic color is black or white. On the color is determined by the color of the edge on the side. Five color variations. They all look pretty good.


Screen is covered by a plastic protective surface, nearly pushed into the housing, you can work as a hand or stylus. The display is almost identical to that of the Nokia 5800 on the face of it, a little less diagonal. Let me remind you that the diagonal in 5800-3.2-inch, aspect ratio is 16: 9, resolution 640 х 360 pixels (39 x 69 mm). Here the screen size of 2.9 inches. Display up to 16 million colors, picture a luscious, bright, striking. The difference between screens is in direct comparison. The picture is brighter, better visible in Nokia 5530, no differences in the Sun. The Nokia 5530 is one of the first screen technology AFFS (Advanced Fringe Field Switching), which allows to achieve good viewing angles. Not sure that viewing angles are so important, but the quality of the picture is different.

Screen automatically expands depending on the position of the body. The reversal is one second or less. The display is a little snug in the case, the edges are edges. When you scroll to the right toe can touch the side, someone won’t like it, but, in principle, does not cause discomfort. The side smaller than the Nokia 5800, it is almost unnoticeable. The sun screen remains readable, there is no problem. On the screen is pushed up to 14 lines of text, up to 3 service lines. The display is perfect for watching videos, photos, large lists.


The phone uses a lithium-ion battery BL-4U 1000 mAh capacity is (battery capacity in 5800-1320 mAh). According to the manufacturer, the phone is capable to work up to 4.5 hours of talk time, up to 350 hours of standby time. Playing music-up to 27 hours of video recording in maximum quality-up to 140 minutes of video playback-up to 3.5 hours.

The unit averages about 2 days in Moscow’s cellular networks. You can talk to an hour, take a few pictures, write a couple of minutes up to an hour of video and listen to the radio or music. Full charging time is about 1 hour 30 minutes. For active users who check e-mail, sitting in Twitter, time-approximately one business day. For comparison: Nokia 5800 lived in my hands for up to two days, the Nokia N97-a day and a half at least. Therefore, these models of Nokia 5530 minimum.

Here are the maximum working time in different modes:

  • Video Preview-1:40 (H. 264 in hands-free mode)
  • WEB-surfing (EDGE connection)-3:0
  • Wi-Fi (sustained load data)-4:0
  • Listening to music in headphones-12:0 am
  • Radio-21.5 hours
  • Diminished battery capacity by almost 30 per cent of the causes and reduce the work time to a similar time.


Animation depends on the chosen theme, but the effects are excellent, the speed has increased, it is visible to the eye. ARM11 434 Mhz frequency, which also gives his contribution to a slightly higher speed interface (although the main merit of the software).


The amount of RAM in your phone-128 Mb, after downloading the apparatus free from 70 to 74 MB of memory. Also available to the user about 75 MB of memory in the machine to store their data. The kit includes 4 Gb memory card, it will be enough for most users. We checked out the 32 Gb card, the phone recognizes it without any problems. Supports hot swapping memory cards.

USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi


The USB settings, select one of the 4 modes of operation:

  • Data Transfer (Mass Storage USB) – visible as the phone memory and memory card, do not require any drivers, the OPERATING SYSTEM recognizes your phone.
  • PC Suite – working with Nokia PC Suite, access to all functions of the machine, backup all information and so on.
  • Image Transfer – transfer photos.
  • Media Transfer – transfer multimedia files (MTP).

Data transfer rate is around 5 Mbps. If you connect the USB cable to charge your phone does not occur.


Smartphone-Bluetooth version 2.0 with EDR. The apparatus supports the following profiles:

  • Dial Up Networking Profile (Gateway)
  • Object Push Profile (Server and Client)
  • File Transfer Profile (Server)
  • Hands Free Profile (Audio Gateway)
  • Headset Profile (Audio Gateway)
  • Basic Imaging Profile (Image Push Responder and Initiator)
  • Remote SIM Access Profile (Server)
  • Device Identification Profile
  • Phone Book Access Profile (Server)

Stereo Audio Streaming:

  • Generic Audio/Video Distribution Profile
  • Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (A/V Remote Control Target)
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (Audio Source)

Music features

A typical player from Nokia, but at the expense of complete device headphones sounds better than Nokia 5800 out of the box. WH205 model is one of the best on the market among those that are included in the box with the phone. In its price class is the best complete Headsets in your phone. A pity that there is no remote control for your phone.
List of supported formats: AAC, AAC +, eAAC, eAAC +, MP3, MP4, M4A, WMA, Mobile XMF, SP-MIDI, AMR (NB-AMR), MIDI Tones (poly 64), RealAudio 7, 8, 10, True tones (WB-AMR), WAV. For mp3 files are supported by a variety of bitrates, including VBR. When you synchronize with Windows Media Player 11 and subsequent versions may use protected DRM files (Janus DRM). Song title and author are displayed on the screen, and controls. Fast progressive.


When you change the sound quality also changes markedly. equalizers Each 8-band equalizer, loaded with their 6, everyone can edit it, in its sole discretion, in addition to the default sound. Here is a list of EQs: Bass Booster, Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock. Sound preferences, you can also select the channel, stereo widening balance (Stereo Widening), plus the Loudness. In the Office there are random playback function, and repeat all tracks or selected. In standby mode, the screen displays information about the current file. In the music menu to sort the list of songs on all the songs, play-lists (there are automatic-recently added, never played etc.), artist, album, genre and composer. Music library (read the list of files) is updated automatically when you synchronize with your PC using Nokia PC Suite, if you embed a map with recorded music, then this is not the case. Interesting option to view general information about the music library.

Podcasting podcasts are an integral part of the music player, it was previously a separate application. You can access the podcasts from the Player menu, and you can download an application separately, in the second case there is access to a library, directory of podcasts from Nokia, search, Setup, synchronization, and so on. You can automatically download podcasts you are subscribed to are shown how to download podcasts (in the home network or via a specific access point). There are filters to access podcasts in General Annex is convenient and very useful.
Music shop-access to Nokia Music Store, you may purchase songs, albums, download them to your device.

FM radio-standard radio, the first time to select the region, depending on the use of FM range. There is support for RDS, auto-configuration, when you play at the station frequency the station in the form of an animated splash screen is displayed on the screen. Very nicely. Something special on the radio say it is impossible.

Bluetooth data transfer rate is on average 100 Kb/s. we have examined the work of stereo sound on the headset, as Sony Ericsson DS970, management arrangements, rewind, jump works without problems, at the same time, the title of the current song on the screen is not displayed.

Wi-Fi Internet Access

In the device supports Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 g). Supports all standards of security (WEP, WPA, WPA2), settings are maximized. There is a Wizard of Wi-Fi networks, it can in the background to their search and, if necessary, to refuse to connect to such networks.


Here is the CMOS sensor, resolution 3.2 megapixels, autofocus. Speaking at the first impressions that cam is a cheap version of the Nokia 5800, I rely solely on its cost. The comparison showed that the winning color warnings from the same Nokia 5800, looks interesting. On the other hand, the module itself is really cheaper.

The following camera settings, you can select one of 3 permissions:

  • 3 m-Large Print
  • Print 2 m-Medium
  • Multimedia message 0.3 M

There are following modes (Scene mode): Automatic, User Defined, close-up, Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Night, Night Portrait.

You can put a grid on the screen, set the timer for the shooting itself.

Color effects are: Sepia, B&W, Vivid, Negative. White balance: Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent. Contrast ratio of -2 to +2. Focus on three parameters, set the ISO (low, medium, high).

Video recording

When recording video, the number of options is much smaller than the photograph. There is a software image stabiliser. White balance-auto, sunlight, cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent. You can use effects as Sepia, Black and White, Negative, & Vivid. Shooting mode-only automatic and night. The maximum resolution is 640 x 480 pixels, while the mpeg4 format, it is possible to disable audio recording (encoding quality adjustment is always 30 fps). Total recording time is limited only by the space. Plus is supported by a resolution of 640 x 350 pixels, it adapted to the screen, but it does not make sense, if you look at the PC or other phone your creativity. The difference between the models is not so unambiguous, 5530 is better on the screen, but loses on time. The presence or absence of GPS for many is not too critical. Win Nokia 5530 in aesthetics, the neater and many are involved with this option, your views. Stereo speakers better on the 5800, so here udeševlennyj option looks not so good.


The quality of the device has no problem, all is well. The ring volume is high, it can be heard in various conditions. Vibration is good, it is felt in almost all situations. For those who already bought the Nokia 5800, the purchase of this unit has no meaning, is a simplified version, but in a positive way only in the complete headset Yes value. The model is aimed at a wider audience, those who want a touch screen for minimal money, yes even the jukebox. Completely at odds with the positioning of the Samsung Star, despite comparable rate (almost comparable) targeted at different people. The model will become massive and there are all the prerequisites. In the program plan is only slightly changed screen in standby mode, everything else is exactly the same as in Nokia 5800.