Natural Remedies To Treat The Darken Lips

Some natural remedies which will help you to treat the darken lips are given below.
1.Honey has become a natural ingredient for the treatment of lips, dark with age and other external factors. Honey has many benefits of beauty, one of the advantages is that you soft lips and your lips gives a pink glow. In every night you should apply honey on your lips and wait it to dry. Do not wash.

2.Lemon is most commonly used to treat hyper-pigmentation and skin spots. But the truth is that you can also use lemon to settle naturally dark lips Time, you can apply lemon juice on your face at nights will be best . Massage face with lemon juice, freshly squeezed on your lips at night before you go to sleep.


3.The mixture of a tablespoon of juice of strawberries with 2 tablespoons of Vaseline will also help to get a naturally soft and pink lips . Use this mixture as a balm for the lips and your face.

4.There are many berries such as strawberries and raspberries, which can solve your problem by dark lips. The paste obtaining by mixing raspberries along with pure honey and Aloe Vera juice is required. Apply this paste on your face for at least five minutes. Rinse it and use a homemade lip balm. Raspberries contain essential minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the lips remain healthy and alive.

5.Some oils are good for your face, such as olive oil, mustard oil, tea tree oil. Clove oil is also used with irregular dark lips. Because of the absence of harmful effects Olive oil is best. Apply any of these oils on your lips, before going to sleep.

6.For getting a nourished, moisturized and fresh lips you have to keep massaging your lips with ice cubes.

7.Another natural remedy is the mixture of the blend of castor oil and almond oil to make pink to massage your lips.