Most Exciting Members Of The Android Family

What is an Android ?

Android is a free and open source system based on the Linux kernel is designed mainly for devices with touch screens such as smart phones and tablets, Android is developed by the Open Mobile Alliance, run by Google. Google bought Android developers of the system in 2005, while the official announcement on 5  November 2007  in conjunction with the launch of the Open Mobile Alliance. Put Google Android as open source under the Apache license, an open source Android project (AOSP) is the group responsible for the development, modernization and reform of the system. I have a huge community of Android developers who write and develop applications for Android, and depend primarily on the type in JavaScript.


Google is a pre-order shop is available online and as an application on Android phones managed by Google. In September 2012, the number of applications available in the app store application and number of downloads 675,000 25 billion download. Android is currently the most prevalent system with 500 million active, participation in the market by 62% and the fastest growing by 1.3 million new phone does all day.

Google bought for the system

In August 2005, Google bought the system from the company founders included former owners headed by engineer Andrew Ruben, who continued to develop the system, and is directly responsible for the arrival of Android to the success that we are witnessing currently.


Android system features

1. Android is used for data storage, SQL Lite and light versions of grammars the statements interrelated. It also uses the services of Google cloud. Android supports communication systems:

  • GSM & amp
  • EDGE
  • IDEN
  • CDMA
  • UMTS
  • LTE
  • EVDO
  • WiMAX
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC

2. The Fee Awards

Supports Android SMS “SMS”, “multimedia messaging service MMS”.

3. Dr support GATT

Android supports many human languages, including Arabic, after the 4.0 update

4. Online Web testing

The browser on Android based Web Cate interface associated with the chrome browser does JavaScript engine V8, and I’ve got a 93/100 on the Acid 3 test.

5. Central media support

The system supports many audio video installation media H.263, H.264 (in 3GP format or MP4), AMR, FLAC, MP3 and other. Android is the most free system where free apps in it than the paid applications.

6. Users interest

Are applets found on the user interface such as, application of weather at this time, the user’s email box.

The medical expenditures

Google PlayStation Store is a store on the Web for programs run by Google for Android, “Google play” application installed on most Android devices, up to September 2012 there 675,000 application found in the store. Google has many programs store their Goggles and Earth and Sky map. Unlike most other systems, the Android system allows the installation of alternative applications stores, these stores from Amazon called Amazon App store. The Android system is secure, because it is based on the Linux kernel. Android provides many antivirus applications and even the risk of stolen device such as the lookout. In Android 4.1 was closed more than 90% of the gaps present in the previous version, 4.0.

Date original circuits

Android has seen a number of updates since its inception, most notably:

* Gingerbread : The update 2.3 for Android. And the user interface is improved soft keyboard and copy/paste features, improved gaming performance, and added support for SIP (VoIP calls).

* Honey (Honeycomb) Tablet: The update 3.0 for Android, which supports large screens and offers many new features in the user interface, support for multi-core processors and graphics hardware acceleration. The first device was thrown this version is, the Motorola zoom Tablet (Xoom). The fork of the same update, Honeycomb 3.1, released in May 2011, and the support for additional input devices and USB host mode to transfer information directly from cameras and other devices, movies, apps and Google Books. Honeycomb 3.2, released in July 2011, and the improvement of a wider range of screen sizes, the new “zoom to fill” compatibility mode screen, upload media files directly from SD card, support screen extended API.

* Ice cream sandwich : The update 4.0 for Android, has announced on 19 October 2011, which has been adding features honeycomb to smart phones, and add new features including facial recognition, monitoring the use and control of network data, unified communications and social networking, photography, improvements and information exchange using NFC. Ice cream sandwich 4.0.4.

* Jelly bean : Android 4.1/4.2 jelly bean is the last version for Android which is available on most phones quick and smooth features and what sets it apart is the voice search, Google Now that brings you timely and relevant information in addition to the presence of all the features of the previous version ice cream sandwich or can say that branch from it.

Google had announced clear between 4.2 on 29 October 2012 and the first devices running a LG Samsung Nexus Nexus 4 and 10..