Maintain Your Employees : What Obligation For The Employer ?

Employability is a concept increasingly sought, and which highlights a particularly relevant manner dynamics that the company should put implementation in its management of its employees.

What is Employability ?
Employability is a concept that has always existed in labour law, but that the context of economic crisis and unemployment gives a unique resonance. Employability of a worker is, according to the Ministry of labour, the capacity to evolve independently within the labour market, so as to achieve, sustainably, by employment, the potential we have in itself. Employability depends on knowledge, skills and behaviours that, how it is used and presented to the employer. It is a kind of personal sesame consisting of skills and know-how of the worker.


What obligation for the employer ?
When the worker is in position, the maintenance and development of their employability are directly subject to the whim of his employer. Maintain an employee to the same position for several decades, without him offer no training, or adapt its working conditions at technical and organizational developments, directly condemn his employability. The Labour Code provides that an employer must maintain, or even development, employability of its employee, ensuring the capacity to evolve in employment, and to find a new job if he was fired. The inability of the company to dismiss an employee that it would have proposed no action training for insufficient strongly underlines this obligation.

How to respond ?
The most logical way, and most severely stressed, to maintain and develop the employability of the worker is training. The framework of the training plan is ideal to implement such approaches, with a large budget, the need to take into account populations most endangered employability, such as seniors, and finally the attention paid to the wishes expressed by employees. The company can also foster opportunities for mobility, career, and personal development. In fact, the ways to promote employability seem also various skills that define, and it belongs to the good will and the creativity of the company promoting the many accomplishments.