Living With Dead Bodies

In the Indonesian island of Sulawesi,, the Torajan people believe that someone is dead is not true,they check it by a fact that the water buffalo genus at his funeral, which acts as a resource for more. Until now, bodies can take weeks, months or years in the family home and fed and cared for as if they were alive.

Some Torajans yet their relationship with the dead through the ceremony of ma ‘ baby ‘, a kind of “second funeral” that families make their ancestors, every few years, and their clothes and cleaning their graves and body.The video will clearly show that the tradition of this people are really unbelievable…


Until then, the body may week, month or year can be kept at the home of the family feed and live as if they are cared for. Some Tora jans is to continue their relationship with the dead through ma’nene ‘ consciousness, “second funeral” is a family type each year from their ancestors and change their clothes out of their bodies and clean up in the basement.