LiveScribe Smart Pen 3

Live Scribe Smart Pen

Live scribe smart pen 3, new technology is designed to work in tandem with a portable facilities, but it is not compatible with Apple computers that run its IOS, coupled via Bluetooth once you will leave handwritten notes to the Live scribe + application on the iPad, which makes mobile device is an essential part of the Live scribe. The registry deals with live scribe 3 disadvantages of previous versions that require the need for Wi-Fi to send or receive information, which is limited to users of smartphones and tablets, were produced by sky and Sky Wi-Fi, which moves the handwritten notes or recorded phonetically for the electronic cloud, using the default account to Ever Note Ever note, which is available anywhere, anytime via the Internet.


Depending pen to apply the registry on personal phone and programmed the company on the paper or inside the application, and the recordings coincide with handwritten notes, and the application will then show the text with the audio recorded, but technical work between the Dreamcast Pencasts is linked to the pen contact your iPhone or iPad, we cannot do the recordings only during direct contact, though the written pleadings remain reserved after during and after contact.

The company has produced several versions of the pen application which is attractive and easy to use, and the company has worked to hide the buttons on and off, and she exchanged him wrap the pen from the Center clockwise to run the Pontifical, and when you play pen adds LED the party clip hanger green side when paired with dark blue when launching the direct contact with the screen, where it blinks erratically when low battery which lasts for 14 days and shipped using Micro USB is installed on top of the pen, it can be covered and to act as a base on the touch screen. The pen is equipped with an infrared camera installed beside the pen touches a special student that is printed, in addition to bitmap patterns for pen when read out his place on the page, the pen quickly move text and graphics to the application.

Live scribe application is programmed to phone or tablet to connect directly with the pen for run, then fully icon named ‘ mobile monitor ‘ appear together and ready pen to work, Find My service application provides Pen, issuing alarms loud when looking for pen somewhere, as the application provides the possibility to distinguish Pencasts book user access for correct page automatically. Other innovative technology available and is backed by My Script, vision objects to convert handwritten notes to searchable electronic texts on the Internet pages, or add some photos and notes on the text by dragging them with the camera’s internal or retained within the application.

More what makes this application a distinctive technique of The Feed based on linking notes at the bottom of the code, and can be linked with some digital scrapbook notes placed in the Favorites list, or to get addresses and phone numbers to make the application connected to the world maps, for example, or for sharing in e-mail, or converted to PDF books.

Live scribe is available in 3 versions black and chrome, with a special book, 50, and cable for charging from tungsten and intermediate cartridge, the second version Live scribe Pro 3, available with leather wallet, and 100 paper book, with participation in the Ever note Premium for a year, and charging cable, cartridge, similar to the first version.