Life Hacks Change Life To Simple Stuff

By way of introduction here is a short definition of what Life Hacks. A Life Hack is an ingenious way to facilitate the activities of all the days to finally once in your life you can flirt with the word happiness, nothing that it.

The lift
To directly access the desired aboard an elevator and even floor if your travel companions have already pressed the button for their floor simply in most cases to push simultaneously the button of your floor and that of closing the door.


Save time
All were once in our lives to make a duty by sending it by mail to his profile but that we do not finish because you understand… Finally in short. This is a technique that should make you save time. Send as an attachment a music (.mp3) that you rename “Name.doc” so an error message opens when the profile will want access to the document and if everything goes well this should save some time.

Find motivation
A little tip for get motivated if you have something important to do (style ‘succeeding to embrace Thérèse to the next boom of Jerome’). Simply lie to a friend telling him that you have already performed the action in question and thus fear to go for a draw will give you an extra motivation.

Free phone charger
In order to obtain a phone charger for free make you in a hotel and say you have recently lost your charger, there are chances that the hotel in question have Chargers in found objects, because it is the object the more often lost in this kind of place.

Fight acne
Effectively combating acne and inexpensive is to table a clean cloth on his pillow before bedtime, in fact if you do not regularly change of pillowcase germs that cause acne can be y develop and attack your baby’s skin.

A rule at hand
Measure your index finger from the base to the tip of the nail and hold its size, you’ll have an extra measure instrument.

Frozen drink
If you want to refresh a drink in less than 3 minutes there is a solution. Fill a bucket of water and then add ice cubes so that two tablespoons of salt dip your drink in the basin and in 3 minutes you find yourself with a frosty beverage.

The best for the end
If you have the chance to land in a hotel system TV Nokia team it you need to return the code to have access to the pornographic channel: 2-2 – 1 – the down arrow and then press and hold the OK button. Have fun.