Leggings Bad For Health!!!

Leggings are for women show a way to fashion became its curves. But the display of the female form comes at the expense of women’s reproductive health, experts say.
Leggings are a type of clothing customized, legs. Leggings worn by women and men, types of range in nylon, latex and spandex, polyester, cotton and silk fabric.

In laboratory tests two different groups with similar condition women in physical fitness sportswear employs various activities. A control group with shorts was three times more likely to maintain their levels of estrogen compared to women of similar physical size with leggings.
Disadvantages Of wearing Legging:-

    • Unless you are super slim can add each pound, touch and they are completely ruthless if you have lumps and bumps!
    • Women with a stature and a lower floor will do little to flatter your figure, if they are wearing a leggings in any form!
    • Large calves and thick ankle be exaggerated by leggings.
    • were originally designed as a convenient alternative to exercise and this is the only place that should never be used.
    • Each person has their own leggings individual views, for those who loves the versatility certainly prevent you wear what they say fashion gurus!
    • They can pay attention to those who sit on fence, some of the drawbacks, especially when they wear clothing of large sizes, if you do not see can not quite so stylish and fashionable as they expect!