iPhone 6: dream or reality !!

iPhone 6

Apple, the brand that sells the famous iPhone, will unveil the novelties of its range of products early next June. On the canvas, the possible new products are already commented, decrypted… Dreams or reality? Everything will be unveiled on June 2, during the Worldwide Developers Conference, the mass of the Apple brand.


The Developers Conference (WWDC) Worldwide is the international conference of the developers of the Apple brand. It is the occasion of a show that was originally held by fire Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, now the new CEO. During the WWDC the new features are announced, and with the approach of the event, the canvas fantasizes about what Apple would have envisaged for its entire range of products. Affirmations (with product released factory to support?), wishes, questions to no end…

The star of Apple, the iPhone, represents more than 60% of the total turnover of the Group and, according to Morgan Stanley, the next smartphone of the brand promises to be a new success. So the iPhone controls 6 would exceed 20% those of its predecessor, the iPhone 5 S. The information comes from the production line itself. Optimism or new technological tsunami? But on what date? At one point, some believed that he would come out in June in normal version and September for a style phablette (phone + Tablet = phablette) format. In all likelihood, the output will be in September and sizes, nothing is less certain.

In music? Lately, it is the acquisition of the Beats headphones which created a sensation. Like the Oculus for Facebook helmets is that Apple seeks to hold technology. In this case, one wonders: is – for the headphones or streaming online that develops Beats right now to compete with Spotify? A winner already: Dr Dre. This rapper of 49 years become producer, occupies the top of the Forbes richest hip-hop stars charts after the agreement of $ 3.2 billion being signed between Apple and the Beats Electronics company he founded eight years ago. It would seem that Apple would play the card of auricles (earplugs) optional scope technology (wearable-tech) with headphones that would serve as sensors also. But it is also considered a high-fidelity rendering!

TV improved for Apple

A watch? It is truly the iWatch that does fantasize. It could dominate this new market of personal data (quantified self) calculating around health and well-being. The iPad would make the multi-fenetrages, wholesale to run several applications simultaneously on a screen with better resolution. IOS (operating system) will be even more solid and thats all a bit to hear that that takes place this kind of conference.

And outside? When Samsung promotes the impermeability with its Galaxy 4, Apple will begin in unbreakable, increase its costs others! The firm would thus bought quantities of Sapphire to make his iPhone and suddenly noises are solid… It’s also thinner, more rounded, and even bigger (in fact there are two types of models). And all these dreams will be stored in the cloud of Apple: the iCloud, also more present, more efficient…
Wake up, it will be so on 2 June!