International Industrial Exhibition Innoprom In Ekaterinburg

International Industrial Exhibition

To achieve these goals, according to the Prime Minister, it is necessary to conduct a large-scale rearmament and modernization of industry, improve the tax mechanisms to navigate to the available technology. The economic difficulties faced by the world in recent years, only accelerated the processes of innovation. Many countries today have begun actually to reboot its industrial policy, we try to do it. In late June, approved the draft law “on industrial policy of the Russian Federation”, it defines the common legal framework for industrial activities and organizes support mechanisms in this sphere. The Bill provides for both traditional and new instruments including the special regime of the investment contract, said Dmitry Medvedev. -This is only the first version of the Bill, and if in the process it will refine and improve, they will be included. In any case, we hope the document will improve the political program for the development of industry “.


Strategy of innovative development of Russia’s State a number of ambitious goals. To facilitate major projects of innovative development we create institutions to guarantee and credit support. It is particularly important to support those areas which are able to increase the efficiency of all phases of production, from product design and engineering to manufacturing, aftermarket. We are talking about the formation of high-precision industrial equipment in Russia: remote-controlled machine tools, industrial robots, 3D printers.

To do this, use the combined approach, encouraging update production facilities and the development of research centers and limiting, within the framework of the WTO requirements, the importation of finished products, for which we have a competitive domestic counterparts, said Dmitry Medvedev. -This can happen through regulation of public procurement system. There is a number of integrated features, including allowing individual foreign products to participate in public procurement, if the manufacturer takes responsibility for a number of years to localize the production of these products on the territory of Russia . We plan to work with business to reach agreement on a list of areas in which the State will be willing to provide a” green corridor “for the development of industrial sectors, said Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov. -For this was developed by the law “on industrial policy of the Russian Federation”, which is now before the State Duma.

According to the Minister, the need for this document dictates a number of negative factors, including the aging of the fixed assets, reducing the profitability of production, reduced investment activity in industry and market shares of large domestic businesses. The main purpose of the law is to create a unified system of State support for the industrial sector, which provides for the introduction of tax incentives for new businesses, emerging. This will allow companies to increase their own resources that could be used for business development. Calls for the extension of the industrial parks. And build industrial capacity of constituent entities of the Russian Federation contributed to the compensation of federal funds for the creation of industrial parks. Law on industrial policy also provides for the introduction of special investment contracts to be concluded between the investor, federal and regional authorities. This tool will be able to use Russian as foreign investors.

According to experts, the new industrial industry can attract new investors and to Russia. “The emergence of advanced technologies, formative industry lies at the crossroads of digital and physical world (this is the Internet of things, high-tech manufacturing and integration of different industries). Such technologies will shape the development of the economy in the coming 10-15 years. IT space has become a new platform development, without which there can be no industry, the General Director and Chairman of the Board of the Russian venture company. So it is very important to correctly send new investment funds in Russia, a promising sector of the industry. In mature industries, technological innovations become niche, so for the development of breakthrough technologies to the creation of new markets.

Industry representatives noted that the rapid development of energy efficient technologies and introduction of the newest features of the software is becoming the new industrial revolution. The main incentive methods of the State must be able to guarantee the demand for manufactured products in the country for up to 5 years and during this period the zero rate customs duties, updating the regulatory framework. In building intellectual industry cannot do without the interaction of business and authorities, said the President of the company Siemens “Dietrich Muller.

What is intellectual industry?

The experts concluded that any industry in which new technologies are introduced. To find new directions for industrial sectors, we must make the best possible use of those that already exist. Manufacturers need to stimulate the development of high value-added products, added Denis Manturov. To stand in place, you want to quickly escape, and to remain competitive in the global market, it is necessary to promote innovation. There is a lot of talk about import substitution, but we stand for importance as this will allow Russia to compete in the market with competitors in different industries. We have the technology to do it.