Impotence or Erectile dysfunction..It’s Causes..

Research shows that 40% of men in the 40 ages suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) and not looking for 75% of men treated with erectile dysfunction. One important reason is that men are waiting for a long time, to seek medical help, even with something caused physical pain.

At least 50% of the time to achieve an erection is defined as erectile dysfunction problems and this is something you should always consult your doctor about. EHC brings after causes for erectile dysfunction, and if you find one, seek medical help.


Some of the Causes are given below.

Usage of Mobile
According to new studies in Austria and Egypt, there is a link between erectile dysfunction and daily use of the phones. The researchers found that men in the study, their phone for more than four hours per day were used more powerless than those, employed less than two hours per day. Electromagnetic radiation produced by mobile phones or heat, researchers believe, is set up.

Watching more sex or porn movies
Website for adults revealed that more than 14 billion in 2013, with an average of 1.7 million visits of one hour had the visitors. Watching overly erotic movies can lead to mental health problems. Is often distorted from reality erotic movies and there are studies that suggest that the human brain organic changes when you see, too much of it. It will do almost as one is looking for and it could order not excited to receive the stimulation without this kind. You should see a counselor or therapist about a possible disposition of the pornography.


Over usage of stamina increasing tablets or medicines
You can take all they want, but have poor circulation due to diabetes, will be difficult to work. Everyone wants to walk with a medical sample, but drugs are not designed for the underlying causes, to treat only the symptoms. It is important to find out why they have developed dysfunction in the first place. Work with your doctor or therapist to find the treatment instead of concentrating on a pill.


Tight Dressing
Although directly is you can not help Ed, wear tight underwear have a sperm count low and potentially lead infertility. Testes, sperm from our shops need space and the right temperature to function optimally. Avoid tight clothing, keep the testicles, than too close to your body, increase your temperature and reduces the production of sperm.


Smoking is also a reason of erectile dysfunction.This may reduce the blood flow in our body which will cause impotence or erectile dysfunction.