How to Increase your Concentration

We know that many people have problems with concentration, and therefore I will share a few things that help me personally.
And it is mostly found in teenagers in their studies.

The best method of concentration


There is no one universal guide on how to properly concentrate, but helping me clean up all around and create a space for quiet concentration.

Here are a few tips on how to do it:

Close the browser and email client. If the browser you need to work, make sure that you do not open other tabs than the ones that are really necessary.

Turn off all notifications. Try to concentrate on the received notification emails when new tweets or Facebook status, it is impossible.Turn off the internet. Turn off the WiFi connection, disconnect, or, better yet, go somewhere where they connect to the Internet (Yes, such places still exist). It is clearly the best way to get the concentration.

Close all programs and Windows, except those that you need to work.
Put your important tasks. No “check email”, but “to write a chapter of my novel” or “write an amazing article on the blog” or “write a new application for Android”.

Clean up your desk. You don’t have to spend the whole day–that summarize everything into a drawer or put it into the box for later sorting. Don’t sweat it now.Actually, don’t sweat now nothing – try a perfect environment, perfect for writing, or anything else.

Put on your headphones.If you are around people who could disturb you, listen tosome good, quiet music is perfect.
Use a simple program. For writing I like a basic text editors (Text Edit, Text Wrangler) or programs that will block all around. No more interruptions.

Once you have an appropriate environment (and you shouldn’t lose more than a fewminutes of its creation), go to work on the task. Don’t do anything other than this activity. Skip to other tasks. Makes you this trouble? Read on.

How to increase your concentration

If you can’t focus on one task for a long time, don’t worry. This is normal. Our brain has the technology and leads to frequent jumps between the tasks.
One of the things to which we are led, that jumps between the email mailbox, updateson the blog, Facebook or Twitter is a reward for us – we are rewarded and satisfied by giving us someone sent a message to (social recognition!), or the fact that we havesomething new and interesting to read. Skipping between tasks becomes a positive feedback cycle that is difficult to break by concentrating on one thing.

The way to overcome it is to create a positive feedback cycle when the concentration:

Start slowly. First concentrate for at least one minute. Clean up all around, select the important task, and pay him one minute without interruption. From the beginning it’s hard, but when you consciously focus on your concentration, you can do it. It’s just aminute.

Reward yourself a reward for minute. concentration may be minute (or 30 seconds) of viewing anything you want. Email, Facebook, whatever. Or get up and walk for a minute. Work out, have a drink of water, enjoy your small victory.Big Empire are made up of small victories.

Repeat it. Minute concentration, a minute off, for half an hour. Then you’re done.Repeat it later the same day. Rejoice, how much work you’ve done! And take note that you have created a cycle of positive feed back during training camp.

Prolongs your life. Tomorrow focus for two minutes, a minute to relax. Repeat for 30 minutes, and again later. If you want to, don’t worry your half hour of concentration again three times per day. But it’s not necessary.

Stay with children’s steps. I think that you can see where I’m going. On the third day of you waiting 3 minutes of concentration, 1 off, then 4: 1, 5: 1. Until you reach the 1o minutes, give yourself a break 2 minutes. Until you reach the 20-minute, 3 minutes. As soon as you keep the concentration of 30 minutes, you deserve a 5 minute breaks.There you can stay. There is no need to become a monk.

Create a positive feedback loop, and it will help you to overcome your mind, has led to jumps between the tasks. You meet the more important things, and it won’t be so difficult. You will find that the concentration is a form of meditation. It’s an amazing thing, and you can make it possible as soon as you can.