How to get rid from knee joint pain

Now a days people suffer from knee joints severely. Sometimes there occurs a pain in the knee when walking. This is logical, because on the knee joints almost always carry a big load. Therefore, they are among the most vulnerable of the joints in the human body. But you should still know when and for what reasons there is pain in the knee, and how you can get rid of it.
What does pain in the knee?

Knee pain can manifest itself in different ways. First of all, their intensity depends on the type of damage, as well as its severity. Sometimes a person complains that after intensive sports training began nagging knee pain at night, or slight pain develops during physical exertion. However, later the person can begin to bother the already constant severe pain in the knee and back. It is therefore important to identify the causes of aching pain initially. Sometimes in order to relieve the pain, enough only to some of the procedures. But in the event of breakage of the ligaments or tendons tend not to do without surgical treatment. In any case, if the person has a sore knee, should not wait that symptom will disappear on their own. But before you decide what to do and how to treat the pain, should hold a correct diagnosis and tell the doctor about all the special pain. First and foremost, you need to indicate whether the sore knee in flexion, worried about whether the pain or discomfort does occur at night, pain below the knee.


When developing knee pain?

Causes of pain in the knee joint can be diverse. Sharp pain in his knee ligament after the damage often develops as a result of a serious injury. However, severe pain in the knee joint can manifest itself differently, because the structure of the joint is very difficult. In total there are four knee ligaments that connect the femur with the fibula bone and the Shin bone. When you break one of these ligaments is severe pain in the area that was injured. This most often happens in athletes. In this case, the pain has long worried man while walking, while running the discomfort is even longer.
Two bundles of anterior cruciate ligament appear on the inside of the knee. These two-shaped ligament, front and rear, are joined at the front of the Shin. When you break the front ligament of the knee is the crunch. Then there is sudden and severe pain, and then in the knee is swelling. Upon receipt of such an injury should immediately stop, because the damaged places so badly hurt that knee loses resistance.
If it is torn cruciate ligament in rear foot foot, the pain is usually less intense. When the injury is pain in the knee at the side from the back and the feeling of instability.
Pain in the knee tendon injuries is also being developed. The disease is called tendinitom. In this case, the inflammation and irritation develops in tendons. The reasons for this phenomenon are the injuries, mostly occured in sports. Most often this trauma, as in his left knee and right elbow occurs in skiers, runners, those involved in cycling. Such inflammation sometimes develops simultaneously in both knees. A patient suffering from discomfort and pain in the patella Cup or at the front of the knee. Most often feels discomfort and pain when bending. In this case, you do not have to apply national treatment or try to use the ointment to relieve pain. Knee joint pain treatment should be prescribed only after a precise determination of its causes. Only then it can be concluded that to do and how to treat the disease. Otherwise, the disease has been delayed for a long period.

Another cause of pain in the knee meniscus damage is the cartilage, which bends at the knee joint. Such damage may occur in different parts of the meniscus, but in any case there is swelling.
Sometimes the knee fluid sacs become inflamed, which provide smooth sliding of ligaments and tendons. When the Bursa inflammation swelling and redness appears. A person feels pain with such inflammation, to stand up to his knees and prosthetic of the affected knee. Bursitis can develop under a knee and if the infection appears very strong swelling and fever. If the infection invades the area under the left or rear right knee, the pain on the inner side of the knee becomes intense when a person goes up or down stairs.

In case of traumas, wounds or degeneration of the cartilage or bone parts may become detached and be fluent in the Cup. People don’t think about how to treat this condition, until the free body won’t interfere with movement of the joint. In this case and in pain.With the removal of kneecap, man notes the anomaly cups: it is perpendicular to the correct position. The symptoms of this phenomenon such as pain, swelling in the affected area and severe discomfort when pulling the feet and walking. Offset of the knee cups,which happened once, often repeated in the future. So doctors are advised to do special exercises to support the muscles.When you extend the knee joint due to injury knee stretches and can be bent in the opposite direction. For such damage is characterized by the appearance of the tumor,the person worried about pain on the inner side of the knee. This trauma is dangerous and that leads to a partial or complete tear in the ligaments.

Chronic disease is a group of diseases, leading to pain in the knees. In rheumatoid arthritis, which affects all the ligaments in the knee, including a person suffers not only from the pain behind the knee and knee from the front, but also on the total stiffness of movements. Gradual deformation of the knees, the patient suffers from a permanent ailment.
Arthritis affects both elbows, acute and recurrent periods of calm. Septic arthritis is a consequence of the infection. Its symptoms are pain, redness, and swelling. Often this condition leads to fever.

In osteoporosis, commonly referred to as degenerative arthritis, pain below the knee-back and front develops due to wear and tear of cartilage. The disease develops gradually and usually knee pain initially worried when the weather changes, in the morning. Because the disease is rare in men, it is often the reason why it hurts knee in women is due to osteoporosis.
At the same time, the causes of sharp pain in the knees can be the development of gout. This disease manifests itself suddenly red, swelling and intense pain. Joints in the knees remain in this state for about 10 days, and the state of discomfort keeps for several weeks.

However, sometimes the pain in the knees is a consequence of the normal surge. People who are not used to sports training, can celebrate that aching legs below the knees and knees after running long distances, and when walking, if people are very tired. To prevent this, you need to avoid overloading and step up the pace of training gradually.
Besides these diseases and conditions the pain in the front of the knee joint may be accompanied by Chondromalacia patellae (patellofemoral pain syndrome). Osgood-Schlatter syndrome is most commonly diagnosed in young people who are actively involved in sports. In this case, the pain can be of different intensity. Often the person worried about pain in his legs below the knee.

How to get rid of the pain in the knee?

There are a number of general recommendations, which makes it possible to reduce the risk of developing diseases and conditions, leading to pain in the knees. One of the causes of such diseases is overweight. After all, in this case, the voltage on the knee joints increases with any physical effort. In people who are prone to obesity are more likely to develop osteoporosis, leading to problems with the cartilage.
It happens when that a person hurts knee in flexion at the side or in a different area after he is badly strained with muscles when having excessive load. It can be a physical labor, and riding a bike,and too intense exercise. In this case, it is important to not only give your body adequate to the load, but also to provide enough rest, so that muscles can recover.

Answering the question why are damaged knees, experts note a lack of flexibility in the muscles. If the muscles are too weak, or they are tense, physical effort and even when walking on knee joint is not smoothed. As a result, the person may initially be painful to bend and extend his knee, and later the pain can become even permanent. So, in this case it is required proper training and regular tailored physical exercise to develop and strengthen muscles.
In addition, the pain in the knee in flexion and walking develops in flat feet, if one leg shorter than the other. Such defects must be corrected with the help of a special shoe, otherwise, over time, the pain can become chronic, and people will not only hurt to bend the leg at the knee, but it is difficult to walk.

No need to risk it and take part in sporting events in which there is a high possibility of overloads. If a person engages in skiing, track and field, basketball, and other sports,where the increased risk of falls, accidents and congestion, it has quite correctly calculate your strength.
The risk of injury increases if the knee was already traumatized. If after the injury feels pain above the knee, below the knee or foot, you should immediately contact a physician.
At the first manifestations of pain in the knee joint must allow to rest his legs for as long as possible. With the help of pain killers for local use, you can try to relieve pain.But if the pain does not disappear, then it is necessary to see a specialist. Knee pain treatment should be carried out if there are signs of serious injuries or illnesses. So, you should go to the doctor if severe knee pain persists for several days, if there is a tumor and vascular pain, if there is a deformity of the knee. It is important to begin treatment of the knees, if you develop redness and fever because it is indicative of infection.
But before you start directly at the knee joint pain treatment, specialist necessarily diagnoses. Initially, a comprehensive physical examination and a detailed survey of the patient and is recommended to apply special tests. Next, the doctor prescribes an X-ray, CT scan or MRI. If you suspect an infection required a blood test. Only with the results of all the studies, the doctor can determine how to treat a sore knee.

The knee needs to put a bandage. However, a common dressing is enough only if it was 3 weak injury. If a person is hurt to get up to the knee, he cannot bend without pain and extend it, then one can suspect a more serious injury. When damaged or sprains often required special bandages or plaster.

To prevent the development of tumors in personal injury, you need to apply to the injury of the ice. Keep the ice can be no more than 15 minutes, and to prevent frostbite it must first wrap in a cloth or towel.

As an anti-inflammatory therapy for pain in knee joints are painkillers, sometimes you need a course of antibiotics.
Physical therapy is also practiced. Some of the exercises you can do at home, but in an intensive reconstruction period the doctor prescribes physical therapy in the office or visit the gym at the medical facility.

Sometimes the nature of the damage is such that the pain in the knee cannot be eliminated without surgical intervention. For this purpose can be used arthroscopic surgery, which allows operation over a minimum cuts. With significant damage, you might want to replace some of the knee with artificial limbs. Total knee replacement involves setting a metal prosthesis, polymers and plastics. Also in modern medicine in the treatment of pain in the knee are some non-surgical methods to get the desired effect relatively quickly.