How to Get a Six Pack

Six pack has always been seen as the Crown Jewel of a physically fit body. It strengthens the core and, therefore, your entire body stronger. But more importantly,it tells the world that Yes, you are the one who comes, who can claim that you have abs. Six pack is not as elusive as it seems. With the right attitude and determination, you can almost everyone to build and display your own six pack.



Let your abs to be seen. Your body packaging requires muscle building, in some cases,simply to be revealed. This can be done by removing a layer of body fat that is hiding the abs. Incorporate a low-fat diet and intense cardiovascular exercise into your lifestyle. Then, what was found, abs, then you can start to work on the six pack.

Build your abs. Abs muscles are best trained with repetition rather than weight. There are three basic training exercise that when done in the cycle at high repetition, long intervals, and minimum rest periods, you will build your soon to be six pack. These exercises are crunches, bikes and surfboards.

Start your exercise cycle with crunches. Lie on your back with your knees bent. With your hands on both sides of the head (not by pulling on the back side) to move the torso toward the knees, pulling the shoulders off the ground. Perform this motion slowly and steadily, so resistance to your abs exercises throughout the movement.

Transition directly from crunches on the wheels. Stay on the back, but extend your legs straight out and lift their foot on the floor (position a). Raise your right leg toward your chest by bending at the knee. At the same time lift your torso off the floor by pulling the right knee to suit your right leg in the middle of your body. Return to position one and perform the same movement with the opposite limbs.

Go directly to the boards. Lie on your stomach and prop your upper body up on his forearm. The lower part of the body you Prop up on the tips of the fingers. Keep yourbody in a horizontal position, if they are equipped with most of the pressure on yourabs. Hold this position for as long as possible.

Find the number of rep (at least 20), which lets you perform each exercise without fail.Rest after each cycle and continue in the cycle for at least 20 minutes, 3 kráttýdně. How to make your abs stronger, increase the length of your training, as well as its frequencythroughout the week. The commitment of this regime–along with a healthy diet-will lead you to your set of six pack abs.