House-Museum of painter Vereshchagin

Anna Nikolaevna, according to contemporaries, in his youth was a real beauty: high shapely brunette with an outgoing personality. Watch it in the white night shirt could sit in the fireplace for a toilet, leaning back and smoking a thin cigarette, and her beloved maid Varuska, standing behind the couch, combed her hair. Management Anna Nikolaevna became involved with age, in his youth, as a rule, limited to that claimed Cook daily menu. She played very well on the piano, but gradually, plunging into the household chores-salting, cooking, gave up playing music.

The artist’s mother was a good needlewoman and often embroidered in wool on canvas, Russian seam on a cloth, woven lace. By the way, in this room are a Chair and sofa, Embroidery of their seats and backs of the last is the work of Anna Nikolaevna. So craft table in this House not stood idle. But most of all, being by nature friendly and hospitable, Anna Nikolaevna loved guests.


Immediately behind the fireplace-green living room. This is purely a men’s room. The walls are depicted with engravings on them with hunting scenes, a couple of guns, suspended on the covered carpet wall (the artist’s father was an avid Hunter), card tables. To the left of the entrance is rectangular, slightly elongated, right-all. At their table, so that players can make during the game records directly on the fabric, usually lay chalk in pink pieces of paper (not were soiled by hand). At the round table are a tube with a long cherry cubes, for which the servant was brought lit pieces of paper or smoldering embers from the stove. The next room is the Cabinet of the artist’s father, Vasily Vasilievich Vereshchagin.

In his youth he studied at the Lyceum, but was so-neither has no ground, and did not finish the course, determined to work in one of the departments of the Senate. Assessor Board resigned. The civilian rank belonged to VIII class in the table of ranks and up to 1884 he was a military rank of major. He had a great condition: several villages in Vologda, Novgorod Gubernia, huge forests on Sheksna river shipping. Vasily Vasilievich chose a district leader of nobility. He was of medium height, with a slight paunch, but good-looking, with black curly hair. Beard and moustache shaved. Vasily Vasilievich thumbs up sing old songs, he had a nice tenor. He accompanied himself on one of the two former his guitars. The nature of the artist’s father was a phlegmatic, but very good, often helped the poor. Many are wealthy families regularly receive from Vasily Vasilievich money and products.

From the Petersburg period of life he has the habit of buying clothes at expensive stores. Inkwell, pen knives, razor guns Vasily Vasilievich not only in its own way beautiful. He was a big homebody, and his favorite pastime is reading, lying on a sofa in a dressing gown. This time he kept taking the book under a pillow and indulged dream.

Accordingly, the House was a small library, a book which stood in several cabinets. One of them is right there in the Office. Children were allowed to watch not only books, but read them. For example, Dumont D’urville voyage of illustrated. The mother of the artist, is owning the French preferred to read French authors in the original. Of course, was in the House and dining room (pantry). But … Something I myself for the tour gets hungry. Can you see yourself here? And I’ll run over the clove, something delicious-rich to …