April 1, 2020

Home made speaker…

In this video I am going to show you how to make a speaker from a cup from your home itself. This might not be the loudest, but you can have quite a bit of fun making this speaker, and the speaker’s simplicity might actually fascinate you.Please watch and let make a try..

Apparatus required are:
1.Copper wire
2.Plastic cup.
3.A stack of magnet.
4.A paper clip.
5.Broken headphone.
6.A roll of tape.
7.A piece of paper.

The tools needed for this procedure are pliers,scissors and a super glue.Then the procedure used to made a speaker is describing below in the video..Please watch it..

The steps are shortly describing here.

Step 1: Cutting the paper down
Step 2:start putting the electromagnetic wire into coils.
Step 3:Glue them on to the sub woofer, mid range and the tweeter
Step 4:Soldering (Boom box & connection wire & connection wire -> tweeter coil-> connection & connection wire -> mid coil -> connection wire & connection wire -> sub coil -> connection wire & connection wire & boom box)
Step 5: Making the speaker box