April 1, 2020



Here we will inform u that what is the benefits of the curry leafs. mostly we using the curry leafs for cooking only.But some hidden magical benefits in curry leafs. mostly we can see more peoples ignore to eat the curry leafs. But curry leafs is most of medicines useful in our body

Most of the Kerala peoples are can not cook with out curry leafs.But every one put the curry leafs into curry and they will  throw after eat the curry and separate the curry leafs. If you know about the useful of benefits of curry leafs you should be eat. Kindly in curry leafs have vitamin A,B,and C are included. It is mainly help to antibiotic and healthy our body. In curry leafs have the resisting power to protect our body in any climates.

The curry leafs have anti Oxygen that is why its will useful to the blood Curculation. It help to free from Anemia at easily. its help to useful for good and healthy to heart.Curry leafs are useful to free from Cholesterol,get skin color,diabaties :its want to eat fifteen leafs per day at daily wash the leafs and eat at freshly. If you have tension or depression take four or five peace  of curry leafs and eat at early in the morning without brush eat at daily quickly u will  get the result. If we eat the curry leafs at every day we feel freshness.

It is a good medicine for control your sugar levels. most of peoples are dont like to eat curry leafs at that time take curry leafs and dry it .and mixed like powder.and put into curries they can not know the curry leafs and they get the benefits also. Mainly one thing we want to dry the leafs in the inside area .its mean with out affect the sun shine. In gulf country peoples are get at very costly and its very difficult to get the leafs at that time we can use the way to mixed the leafs at dry.The curry leafs are those are useful to our body dry leafs and fresh.