Have A Study In Advanced Diagnostics of Hair Diseases !!

Hair aren’t the main organ of a human body, but they perform a very important aesthetic function. But human hair is very fragile, and there are many diseases that can seriously ruin their look and bring a person into some serious trouble.

Hair diseases develop in humans due to different reasons. Diseases of the skin and hair and scalp lead to intense hair loss, deterioration of their appearance, problems with the skin. However, you should know that is not always a manifestation of severe hair loss leading to baldness, as well as a number of other nuances. To find out what diseases hair head in case it is necessary to consult a physician trichologist. He may be able to make an adequate diagnosis and clearly determine which diseases of the scalp causing hair condition. Because the hair without proper treatment can cause any disease which can lead to negative consequences and it would be difficult to get rid of from it.


Hair loss
Determining the frequency with which people are affected by hair diseases, it should be noted that most people complain about the doctor on their hair loss. This problem is primarily aesthetic. But most of them are so called symptomatic (reactive) hair loss, not balding. If the disease is treated, the hair loss in this case will be the result of some negative factors or their complex. Experts distinguish the different types of hair loss and, in view of their characteristics, chooses a method of treatment, which will effectively get rid from diseases of the skin and hair.

Less cause of hair loss are fungal and other diseases of the skin. Very often lead to hair loss can totally different factors. So, seasonal hair loss often falls on the spring and Autumn period.
The main reason for this case is active restructuring of the organism to other natural and weather conditions.
Very often the hair fall out due to serious start to a stressful situation. Because experienced upheavals in the human body is a strong release of hormones, and biologically active substances, and the vessels and capillaries to constrict. As a result, the follikulam hair that grow, not delivered enough nutrients. Such hair after a certain period of time (about two months after undergoing stress) are beginning to fall out.
The reason for hair loss is sometimes carried disease where the patient’s body temperature rise above 39 degrees. If a strong rise in temperature occurs folding protein. As a result, growing hair, nedopolučiv it, begin to fall out.
Beautiful and healthy volosyČasto women begin to lose hair after suffering a miscarriage. This is due to a very abrupt hormonal fluctuations. At the same time during pregnancy the hair become thicker look healthier due to the increase in the body of the future MOM’s estrogen. But after the baby is born, the levels of estrogen in the female body is sharply reduced. A few months after giving birth, begins the so-called post-partum hair loss. If it continues to not more than eight months, no special treatment is required. In addition to these situations with hormonal fluctuations involved taking some contraception, a very hard diet
Sometimes hair loss can be attributed to taking certain medicines. But the loss of hair in women most often linked to the lack of iron in the body. Even if a woman’s normal hemoglobin, and iron content is sufficient for the functioning of the other organs, hair still might not be enough. Therefore, leaving the hair loss, women are encouraged to do a special analysis. As a rule, with a deficit of iron doctor prescribes special drug intake, because eating foods rich in this mineral, in this case the problem cannot be solved.
Thus, when secondary hair loss it is important to establish the correct diagnosis and find the cause that triggered the phenomenon. Sick of your hair, in this case, it’s relatively easy to cure. Setting the factor that led to their loss, the doctor makes the decision as to how to cure the patients hair. Generally, you should use medicines, physical therapy, cosmetic preparations. But even if the hair loss does not seem to be much of a problem as a treat and what should define the specialist.
Alopecia areata is known as the process of hair loss. Doctors most often diagnose androgennuû and nodulous alopecia. Androgenic alopecia is baldness is male. However, suffer from this disease not only men, but also women. But if men start to go bald in fronto-parietal part of the head, women lose their hair throughout the head evenly. In this case, the reason for this phenomenon is a hormonal imbalance, high sensitivity
hair follicles to testosterone. As a rule, a human, or strikes the androgenic alopecia during puberty or menopause. In this case the hair treatment at home is impossible because only a doctor can see a trichologist-causes of the phenomenon and recommend a treatment method.
Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that leads to hair loss in certain places. Such pockets of balding with the right approach to treatment can be completely zarasti hair. Sometimes it’s enough just to spend some of the annoying therapy. However, in severe cases, can not do without consulting immunologist.
Split hair
If hair is very long (more than 20 cm), then they may well be broken down on the ends. The hair grew over a long period, and, therefore, subjected to mechanical and chemical effects. But if the same hair, the length of which is less than the it is pathological phenomenon. In the process of diagnosis most often it turns out that the main factor in the condition of the hair, is a deficiency of calcium, iron, protein, amino acids. When you split the hair, it is important to cut the split ends and try to injure the hair as little as possible. There are a number of products designed to overcome this problem.

Early graying
Women’s health volosPosedenie hair is in a person as a consequence of the lack of tyrosine in the body. In addition, doctors say the appearance of hair with anemia, problems with the nervous system and endocrine glands, lack of vitamins, as well as extended stays under direct sunlight. You should also consider human heredity and the influence of certain diseases viral nature.
Diagnosis of hair diseases
In order to define clearly the hair condition and determine what caused specific diseases, specialist study, which is called trichogramma. In the course of this study is examining the ratio of hair in telogen and anagen phase. A study carried out with the use of a microscope. By studying the patient, hair specialist determines their stage of development, the status of the Sebaceous Gland, blood supply and other indicators. Hair loss usually indicates improper ratio of anagen and telogen hair.

For hair treatment gave the result sought by the patient and the physician, it is important to ensure an integrated approach to this issue. Depending on the cause of disease of head hair treatment can last from two weeks to six months. Testimonials of patients showed that getting rid of diseases can be only if the physician’s recommendation followed unquestioningly. Therapeutic approaches to resolve the split hair, stop hair loss, accelerate their growth. Sometimes the doctor also recommends practicing common hair treatment. For example, good results when hair loss can be obtained by taking the Hadar, henna, some other natural oils. At the same time, in practice women have hair treatment keratin, nitrogen, fire and other modern techniques.

Homemade hair treatment involves not only naturopathic therapy and gentle daily hair care. If the cause of hair loss or other diseases is a hereditary factor or natural aging, special attention should be paid to the selection of combs (it must be a rare teeth, made of natural material), or use a brush with natural bristles. Possible need to dye your hair and dry it with a hair dryer. Perms can also lead to a deterioration of the condition of the hair. Not worth much pull hair, stacking them in her hair. If you carefully follow these recommendations, treatment of hair may not need.
If the problem is persistent and very strong hair loss, then the doctor may prescribe a hair transplant. Also there is a technique that hair and nylon thread. With focal alopecia injections may be used with steroids directly into the scalp. In the complex treatment of androgenetic alopecia is hormone treatment, physical therapy, Mesotherapy, application of protivoseborejnyh external funds. In addition, a positive impact on the hair front bracing means-complexes with vitamins and minerals, nutraceuticals. However, even such innocuous at first glance, the funds can only be used strictly as prescribed by a physician.
Naturopathic treatment for hair

Those who want to get rid of the problem of split ends, we recommend that you wash your hair as little as possible, eat as many fruits and vegetables as well as hide the hair from direct rays of the Sun. To treat split ends dry hair you can use a mask that contains honey, egg yolk, onion juice, vitamin a. shall apply and the egg yolk to massage the scalp and hair. It needs to be pounded until formation of foam, making it slowly and carefully.
To overcome the problem of oily hair help the regular use of masks of Aloe Vera, driven through the meat grinder, and 1 tbsp. spoons of spirit. You can also make a mask out of equal parts Aloe juice, honey, garlic, lemon juice and egg yolks of eggs. Good effect gives use to rinse the hair of broth of an oak bark. The national medicine recommends periodically wipe the scalp wine Calendula. Using these and other folk remedies, it is important to adhere to and general recommendations. In particular, do not wash the head very hot water as the oil glands start working more actively. After the wash, in the absence of other means of head, you can rinse with water with lemon juice or a spoon of vinegar.
Much more difficult to solve the problem of early graying of the hair. But some folk recipes will help slow the process of their appearance. Stimulates blood flow to the scalp mask of Aloe juice, vodka and honey. The mixture of these components is rubbed into the scalp and then left on 40 minutes. In the scalp can also be rubbed fresh BREW or soaked rye bread. Burdock and Castor oil are also suitable for 40-minute applications for the scalp. But the most important thing is to right living, eat properly, avoid stress and time to cure all diseases. After all, hair, especially, are a clear indicator of the overall health of the body.