Cosmos Star Bed : A Bed For Valentine’s Day

Cosmos Star Bed

There is something magical about sleeping under the stars. It would be difficult to find a person who can’t find relaxing or romantic lie down under a starry sky on a warm summer night. Unfortunately it’s a feeling that you cannot try again, for example if the temperature are tight or you live in an over crowded metropolis.


But Natalia Rumanyantseva the designer has imagined a bed that mimics the light of twinkling stars, external noise and even perfumes to create a therapeutic and relaxing space for sleeping. The Cosmos Bed allows you to sleep at the same time experience incredibly natural and artificial.

The starry bed is a space of relaxation that looks like an egg or a capsule. The “roof” of the Cosmos bed is studded with LED lights that seem to just create the effect of a starry sky. The lights are tuned for therapeutic sensations, and an aromatic distributor sweetens sleep even more.

The Russian designer bed, fiberglass, is designed for increased comfort and better security. Inside the Cosmmos Bed provides you services as an integrated audio system for listening to soothing music, a dedicated alarm clock to get up with pinpoint accuracy but without stress, a mattress with adjustable slope based on individual needs.

The Cosmos Bed will help stress and serene sleep:

You can listen to music or white noise, smell an aroma relaxing, adjust the bed to the body and relax under the calm light of small lamps similar to distant stars. It’s too cold outside, or you just want to avoid a gruesome night, Cosmos Bed is perfect for who’s next with the comforts of home.