April 1, 2020

Constipation & Solution..

Constipation. Solutions to problems

Constipation is not a joke. Sometimes it’s painful, but it is usually easy to find the cause of inactivity your gut. Perhaps this is a deficiency of fibre in the diet or insufficient amount of fluid, or stress, or drugs, or lack of exercise, or the wrong attitude to his intestines, Below we take a look at all these factors and ways to improve the situation.

Are you drinking? Our experts agree that the first thing to do to a man suffering from constipation, so check your diet. The main menu items to deal with constipation are dietary fiber and fluids. You need a large number of both to stool was soft and freely pass through the large intestine. How much fluid and how much fiber do you need? Let’s start with the fluid. At least 6 glasses of fluid (preferably 8) must be in the diet of each person, says Patricia x. Harper, a nutritionist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as well as a representative of the American Dietetic Association. Although any liquid suitable best is water — said it.

Eat more fiber. Most Americans eat an inadequate amount of fibers is believed Harper. The American Dietetic Association recommends to absorb daily 20-35 grams of dietary fiber for adults and at least 30, those who suffer from constipation. Where are fibers? From complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, explained Harper. — And if you carefully choose the food, it is not difficult to get 30 g daily: 1/2 cup green peas, for example, will give 5 g, 1 small Apple-3 g, and a plate of bran — as much as 5 g. Most of the fibers contained in cooked beans, prunes, figs, raisins, corn flakes, oatmeal, pears and nuts. One warning: increase the number of fibers gradually, not to be tormented.

Laugh as it should. Good soulful laughter can help with constipation in two ways. He massages the intestines that favours digestion, and, moreover, helps break free from stress — assures Alice nurse crane, President of the American Association for therapeutic humor-here’s to you and cure constipation. Not have you heard any good jokes lately about this?

Whether to take a laxative? Available in wide sell laxatives usually carry out their mission, but these very things, warns. — Take too many of these chemical laxatives, and your gut gets used to it, and constipation may worsen. When should I take a laxative of Pharmacy bubble?

Be aware that different laxatives act differently. Many pharmacies next to chemical laxatives you find another category, often labeled as natural ili’rastitel′nye laxatives to treat constipation. The main ingredient of these drugs is rastolčennoe seed psillium. This is an ultra-concentrated pre-workout form fibers, which unlike chemical laxatives cannot get used, and, in General, it is safe even with long-term use. However, he warns that these funds should be taken with plenty of water (read the instructions on the box).

Try the special recipe of a physician. The problem many laxatives with psilliumom in the basis is that they are pretty expensive. But you can prepare yourself tool if you buy seed psillium and crush it. Dr. Lauder offers pomolot′ 2 part psilliuma with 1 part flax bran and 1 part oat bran (all of which you can buy in a store) for making potions with very high in fiber. Mix the ingredients with water and take every evening about 9:00 pm — recommends it.

From time to time looking for fast relief. If you really feel awful, nothing would clean your bowels so quickly as to treat constipation enema or suppository. For occasional use they are very fit, . However, if you frequently access it you risk to get lazy colon, meaning you can bad cum. Do enemas only with clean water or saline solution, but never use SOAP solution, because it may cause irritation. And when going to the pharmacy for candles, choose only Glycerin, avoiding Bole

Exclude vegetable oil

Eliminate from your diet all vegetable oils pressed from vegetables, olives, soybeans, and possibly chronic constipation would be less bother you,. -It is important not to oil itself, but what you eat it in a free form. This and causes constipation and many other digestive problems.

The problem with vegetable oils is that they form in the stomach of a film which makes it difficult for digesting carbohydrates and proteins in the small intestine. Adequate digestion of delayed until 8:00 pm, causing the formation of gases and toxins that accumulate in the colon.

But these same oil in their natural forms, such as nuts, avocados, corn, are released gradually, without forming any oil films late in the digestion and constipation. These oils, are healthy and nourishing components of the diet.