Most Exciting Members Of The Android Family

What is an Android ? Android is a free and open source system based on the

Sony Makes The User Lives In PlayStation 4

Sony Announces selling more than 6 million units of the PlayStation 4 !! Sony announced the

LiveScribe Smart Pen 3

Live Scribe Smart Pen Live scribe smart pen 3, new technology is designed to work in

Touch Mouse : A New Gadget By Microsoft

Microsoft Touch Mouse Trying to perfect the computer mouse, many manufacturers are finally trying to reinvent

Finger-Reader says Goodbye to Braille

Finger-Reader Finger-Reader is a prototype developed by the Institute of technology of Massachusetts (MIT) which allows

The basics of using Skype for iPhone 5

The basics of using Skype for iPhone 5  Blogs on tips and tricks are usually less obvious

The best smartphone of the year 2014

The year has just begun, but, as IT is accepted in the community, we can already