April 1, 2020

Benefits of Garlic..

screenshot_171Despite having a somewhat unpleasant smell for many people, the garlic can provide a lot of benefits to our body, also is a vegetable which is used in all kitchens to give good flavor to meals.

The flavor of the garlic is strong enough and a little spicy, the smell does not like everyone, but is still preferred by most famous cooks and housewives, since the flavor that brings all the dishes is not replaced with anything; It also has a lot of medicinal properties.

Since when  you know the benefits to garlic?
Garlic originated in Central Asia and use in alternative medicine is applied from the third millennium BC in the India and the ancient Egypt, so as you can see, the benefits of garlic are known for many years, and although they have been part of popular beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation many scientific research have proved that they are real and effective these properties.

What diseases can fight to eating garlic?
Recent scientific research has shown that regular consumption of garlic eliminatesbacteria in our bodies, is also a powerful natural antibiotic. With this fragrant vegetable also can be treated naturally high blood pressure,rheumatism, diarrhea, the cramping stomach caused by parasites; It also has theability to reduce the physical exhaustion and nervous diseases.

Also stands out as a powerful appetite stimulant, helps to have good digestion,prevents the acid stomach, active circulation helping the proper functioning of the heart and is a good protector of the liver and gallbladder, keeping them healthy and strong.

Be good to eat it in fasting?
Consume garlic in fasting is very good for detoxifying the body, if taken continuously and in the long run we can prevent certain types of cancer, diabetes and problem shaving to do with nerves, and depressive States.
For each of the benefits afforded by the garlic, we must consume it preferably raw,since in the cooking process you may lose many of their valuable properties.

Maybe its flavor find you it too strong due to sulphur content, but if you analyze allthe benefits that you can get, the smell will go into the background and you be spenteating it without as much prevention. The most recommended is eating two cloves aday, this way you can feel its healing powers.

Remember that to avoid the hassle of the taste and the smell that you have after eating garlic, you can opt for natural tablets that you can find in any store that offers this kind of products. You can also fight with a little lemon juice or chewing mint leaf.The important thing is not to deprive themselves of the benefits of this wonderful natural product.

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