Analog Clock in the Android Home screen !!

In addition to complete applications, smartphones with operating system Android users can download the Android Market widgets (small applications). An analog clock widget, as the name implies, is a widget that displays the time in analog way on your Android home screen. To achieve this, you must first download it from the Market and then add it to any home screen you choose.

  • Press the “Market” application in the Android home screen. Then click the icon ‘Search’, type “analog clock” in the space that appears and press the “Search” button.
  • Press widget for analog clock that you want to use from the list of results. Then click “Install” and confirms the operation to install the widget on your Android device.
  • Navigate to the home screen where you want to install the analog clock widget.
  • Press and hold the screen until you see the pop-up window “Add to home screen”.
  • Click the “Widgets” option and then the analog clock that you downloaded in step 2.

How to configure the home screen for Android ?


If you want to change the home screen by default on your Android phone, it can be customised with the features of the operating system. Android is not restricted from the Organization of the system to facilitate the navigation or customization sections of the operating system to reflect your personal taste. An example of this is that you can add items to the home screen to those who frequently have access or change the background on the main screen to an image that you like.


  • Click the “Start” button, then press “Menu”.
  • Plays in the list of options of “Funds”, then select “Funds” or “Gallery”. Select the option that has the wallpaper that you want to use in the home screen. For example, select “Funds” to choose a sample image that comes with the phone.
  • Scroll through the images of the selected option, then click “Set as background” or “Save”.

Manage the home screen

  • Click the “Start” button, then press “Menu”. Select “Add” from the list of options, then, select the element that you want to add to the home screen. A music player, search or folder bar are examples of elements that can be added to the main screen. If you wish to change location of an item on the home screen, press and hold the item until it starts to vibrate.
  • Drag the element to the new area of the home screen, then loose toe. The object now occupies that place on the home screen. If you want to delete an item from the phone’s home screen, press and hold the element that causes it to vibrate. The icon at the bottom of the screen becomes a trash can.
  • Drag the item that you want to remove the trash can. It becomes red, which means that the article is in it. Raise your finger to remove the item from the home screen.