April 1, 2020

About Eye parts And Surgery..

The eye is a small organ that contains many different parts, each of which has a specific function in order to see and interpret the surrounding sights. Below you can read about the various parts and their function.

The lens is a transparent body that sits behind the pupil and IRIS. It breaks the light entering the eye and adapt brytkraften for looking at different distances.

Iris (iris)
IRIS surround and form the pupil and gives the eye its color.

The pupil is the opening in the regnbågshinnna that controls the light flow to the retina. The “Aperture”.

The cornea is a transparent membrane that is sitting in front of the pupil and IRIS. It lets in and breaks the light. The “window”.

Glass body (corpus vitreum)
Vitreous humor is a tough, geléöliknande fluid that fills the eye and gives the Charter.

The macula
The macula is a small pit in the retina where you see that sharpest. It is needed for the central vision in reading.

Optic head (papilla does)
Synnervshuvuet are SYN. nerve output from the retina. It is a blind spot in the field of vision as the area lacks vision cells.

Optic nerve
The optic nerve carries Visual input from the retina in the form of nerve impulses to the brain.

Retina (retina)
Led sits längts the back of the eye to the inside of the choroid, against the glass body. It includes vision cells (pins and rods) and converts light into images. The “video”.

Hardening of the membrane (choroid)
The choroid contains plenty of blood vessels that supply the parts of the retina with oxygen and nutrients.