A Review On SSD drive Utilities

You can give a new life to your laptop, and even get better performance, with this trick that we are going to talk about today, and without spending an exorbitant amount of money.

And it is one of the problems that has that technology advances so quickly, is that we can not buy devices that will last 10 years, because the two and a half they will already be outdated. And we don’t talk about that the new laptops have enhanced features with regard to the previous laptops, but to that paradigm in some respects was even changed completely. It is the case, for example, CD and DVD player, a vital years ago, today has become one of the most dispensable components of a computer, for several reasons. On the one hand, occupies a large space, which makes the laptop weighs over, that size will increase, and have that space not can distribution be equal for laptop components, which in turn negatively affects the cooling of the equipment. In addition, laptops move, and receive blows, and the disc Reader have different moving parts, which are susceptible to damage with the passage of time. That is why that CD or DVD readers tend to be the first component in damaged computer.


To all this must be added the fact that memory SSD drives have gained a lot of popularity. Although they are more expensive than hard drives, precisely notable for not having mobile units, nor be magnetic. SSD memory won’t spoil if we bring a magnet, something Yes will occur with the hard drives, and is much more difficult that they damage if the computer receives a blow. But the most important thing is that these SSD drives are much faster than hard drives, and significantly improves the performance of the computer. For this reason many users replaced the hard drive for an SSD drive.

However, if we combine the previous two things, we can get to revive our laptop. How? Very simple, removing the CD or DVD reader, and replacing it with a SSD drive.

If your computer has no CD or DVD reader and there is no an adapted to replace this reader with a SSD drive, but want to take advantage of this memory, you can always replace by the SSD hard drive, and use the hard drive as an external memory.

Buy a SSD memory
The first thing we have to do is buy a SSD memory. Ideally, opt for a memory that has the same capacity as our hard drive, because we must remember that this will replace your hard drive. However, that does not mean that you have to store everything. First we can delete all dispensable hard disk, and then take as reference what we really are going to need in memory. Let us note that an SSD drive will be more expensive than a hard drive. Although we will find more expensive and cheaper units, we can make some idea that we can today buy units SSD 120 GB for 60 euros, and 250 GB for more than 100 euros.

Buy a CD or DVD disk to memory adapter
Here you can get complicated. We will have to remove the CD or DVD drive, and put the SSD memory with an adapter so it fits in the space of the CD or DVD drive. The case of each computer is different. We will have to search the Internet if exists for your computer one of these adapters. And the price will also vary. For example, if we have an older MacBook Pro, with reader CD or DVD, you can buy an adapter for memory, a shell to outsource the reader of CD and DVD, and all the tools necessary for 40 euros. There are even cheaper and more compatible with other brands such as Sony or HP. However, if we want one which is specific of our computer, or that have quality construction, better yet, even if we have to spend a little more.

Remove the CD or DVD reader
Now it is necessary to remove the CD or DVD reader. Although it may seem complicated, it’s something really simple. The case of a laptop, chances are that simply has a screw that we can access at the bottom of the laptop. In any case, if it is not a very new notebook in which it is almost impossible to access the unit’s CD or DVD, it is likely that we can find information, and even videos, how to remove the CD or DVD drive in the case of our laptop.

Install the adapter and the SSD memory
We will have to install the SSD memory on the adapter itself, something that will be really simple, and thus have a unit that size should be equivalent to the CD or DVD reader drive. It should not be very complicated to install it. We will have to make sure that the computer is turned off and does not receive power. Then install the adapter with the SSD memory, make sure that it is properly installed, and started the computer.

Copies data from one unit to another
To take advantage of the SSD, it is logical that this is the unit of the computer’s main memory, and hard disk is the secondary unit. To copy all data from one memory to another, you can use different programs. If you use Windows, a good program to copy all data from the hard drive to SSD memory is AOMEI Back-upper.

Select the computer to boot from SSD memory
It is time to completely replace the hard disk SSD memory. To do this, we only have to access the BIOS, and then choose the Boot option, or anyone having to do with the system, and chosen as the first SSD memory, so the computer whenever it turns on, refer to the SSD memory to start the operating system and other.

Remove the hard drive
If possible, remove the hard disk, and try to start the computer. If you do this, and the computer starts and works perfectly, is that you’ve done all the steps correctly, and that you no longer need the information that’s on your hard disk.

Format the hard disk
So that the information on the hard drive already in the SSD memory, already you can erase everything on the hard drive, and use it to store files. Ideally, you format the disk hard, and not just delete the files. If there are files you want to save, it is transfer it to an external drive, reformat the hard disk, and then return to transfer them to the hard drive.