7 tips To Control Anxiety

Here’s 7 tips to control anxiety and nervousness, a psychological disorder that increases the pressure and, consequently, the risk of heart attack, and protect yourself from this evil

  • Change your attitude towards the problem. Try to inform yourself about what is causing the anxiety.
  • Respecting their limitations and, when necessary, ask for help.
  • Breathe deeply and calmly. Close your eyes, imagine yourself in a beach and imagine a sea with waves each time slower.
  • Keep positive thoughts and avoid situations referring to negative or self-destructive thoughts.
  • Cherish and live the present. If anxiety is caused by the past, nothing can be done to change it and, if it is related to the future, you will be able to stop you from living in the present.
  • Identify what causes anxiety or sadness and keep them away.
  • Devote yourself to any activity in the present tense and keep your mind focused on this goal, avoid distractions and, mainly, the situations that can cause anxiety.

The regular practice of low-impact physical activity such as walking, cycling or swimming are great weapons to deal with anxiety. Therefore, it is recommended that the person anxious to do exercises every day and, during the years, have thought related to own physical activity or other positive thoughts.


Occupy your mind with something pleasurable and useful is also a great way to control anxiety.

If, even by following these guidelines, the person continue manifesting symptoms of anxiety, such as: stomachache, headache, nausea, dizziness, fear and be thinking always in the same position, so harmful, we recommend an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist, because they may indicate medicines to combat anxiety and depression, as a sedative.

Treatment for Anxiety

Treatment for anxiety can be done with the use of drugs, consumption of food pills, exercising, relaxing or psychological follow-up activities. Some medications used in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder are medication anxiolytics, antidepressants or tranquilizers such as:

  • Alprazolam
  • Diazepam
  • Fluoxetine
  • Amitriptyline
  • Valerian

The remedies must be indicated by the psychiatrist and act on the nervous system in such a way as to diminish the concern overblown, tension, fear or dread that something bad might happen, characteristic symptoms of anxiety. These medicines anxiolytics can be used in the treatment for anxiety and panic attacks, but should not be used for prolonged and uncontrolled manner, as they can cause dependency.

Child anxiety treatment must be done through psychological monitoring, psychotherapy, exercising or improvement of feed. The use of medication should be avoided as they have certain side effects that may impair the child’s development.

Homemade treatment for anxiety

A good homemade treatment for anxiety is the almond juice, ginger and nutmeg that help to relax and increases the dilation of blood vessels, improving blood circulation and oxygenation of the brain.


  • 10 raw almonds
  • Ginger
  • Nutmeg
  • 1 glass of milk


Soak the almonds overnight in water to soften and then remove the skins. Put the almonds in a blender along with 1 cup of warm milk, a pinch of ginger and a pinch of nutmeg. Drink before you go to sleep to help relax. The treatment for anxiety and nervousness can be ingested foods tranquilizers like passion fruit, Orange, lettuce leaves or Chamomile tea.

Natural treatment for anxiety

A good natural treatment for anxiety is to practice Yoga, a type of exercise that work with postures and stretching, as well as a good way to decrease muscle tension and relax the mind. Classes must be made at least 1 time per week.

Another natural treatment for anxiety is the following exercise

Lie down comfortably on a flat surface. Breathe deeply, filling the belly of air and releasing bit by bit. This technique is called diaphragmatic breathing and helps to expand the lungs, oxygenating the brain better. The regular practice of physical exercise such as swimming, walking or cycling are great choices of treatment for anxiety and stress.